Award-Winning Salons Share their Hue-verse Formulas

JN2784_Hueverse Coming Online Banner Desktop 1200 x 560px_MARCH2022 copy.jpgintroducing Hue-verse by evo - A range of PROFESSIONAL hair colour for salons.

Evo Hue-verse is a complete range of ammonia-free permanent hair colour and demi-permanent gloss, that provides out-of-this-world performance without compromise.

The range includes 85 permanent shades, 48 demi-permanent gloss shades, and developers, and is now available for Hue-verse stockists to shop online.

To celebrate the online launch, we spoke to a few of our Hue-verse salons to get them to share the Hue-verse love (formulas included).



2021 was a big year for Lauren Cooper, co-owner of Etcher Salon in Adelaide’s CBD. Lauren took home the 2021 AHFA SA Hairdresser of the Year award, as well as Best New Salon at the 2021 Australian Hair Industry Awards. On top of this, she joined the Evo Pro education team, so the Hue-verse range is second nature to her and the Etcher family.

“At Etcher it’s no secret that we are big copper fans! The Evo Hue-verse colour range gives us a complete catalogue of copper tones. From true orange-based coppers, chocolate coppers and softer apricot yellow based coppers! The shine and gloss is second to none, and clients always comment on the amazing longevity of the tones!”

Lauren and team have shared some of their favourite Hue-verse copper looks plus a beautiful blonde, along with their formulas.


Hue-verse Demi-Permanent Gloss 40g of 10.47 + 10g 8.4 + Liquid Developer 6.5vol


Evo Bottle Blonde Powder + Hue-verse Cream Developer 20vol in foils

Toned with Hue-verse Demi-Permanent Colours 25g 10.37+ 5g 10.1+ 30g clearLiquid Developer 6.5vol


Little Birdie Hair Co run three vegan-friendly, eco-conscious and carbon neutral salons in Queensland. Their list of industry awards over the past two years is too long to list, but honourable mention to the Style Magazine’s ‘best blondes’ and ‘best balayage’ in 2020 and again in 2021.  

“We love using Hue-verse as it's the cleanest product on the market and goes really well with our brand which is all about low-tox, environmentally friendly and sustainability,” explained Tenille.  

Little Birdie sees a lot of blonde and balayage clients. 

“Hue-verse makes their hair look glossy without having to do a second treatment. The colour is also long-lasting and makes the hair feel fresher for longer”. 

The team have shared three of their formulas below.    

FORMULAlittle birdie salon hueverse formula 1.jpg

Bottle Blonde Powder Lightener with Hue-verse Cream Developer 20vol, toned with Hue-verse Demi-Permanent Gloss half 10g 10.37, 5g 10.7, 5g clear with Hue-verse Cream Developer 6.5vol. 

Stylist: @tria_littlebirdiehairco

little birdie salon hueverse formula 2.jpgFORMULA

Roots: 1:1 Hue-verse 1/2 5 + 1/2 6.81 with Liquid Developer 30vol

Ends: 1:1.5 Hue-verse 6.81 and Liquid Developer 10vol

Stylist: @skye_littlebirdiehairco


The Factory 3013 opened in 2017 in the heart of Yarraville in Victoria, in a former Methodist church. Director Matt opened with sustainability in mind, plus the desire to use natural and cruelty-free products.

That’s where Evo Hue-verse comes in. The team uses Hue-verse (plus Staino) to create trend-based colours to suit any client. Below Matt shares some of their Hue-verse recent work and formulas.


Starting colour was a grown out heavy blonde

Step 1. Regrowth combed down using Hue-verse Permanent Colour 4 + Hue-verse Cream Developer 6.5vol.

Lowlight in foils: equal parts 5 + 6.1 + 6.81 + Hue-verse Cream Developer 6.5vol.

Step 2. Toned using equal parts 7.03 + 7.81 + Hue-verse Liquid Developer 6.5vol.


Whether you recreate these hue-verse formulas or create your very own out of this world formula, it's important for you and your client to maintain this hair colour for as long as possible and our how to maintain a clients hair colour at home blog provides you with the information on what product works for your client!

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