How-to make the most of Mother's Day in your Salon

Desktop Featured Image 1200w x 560h.jpgThe day we spoil our mums is just around the corner.

This Mother’s Day, we’re supporting your salon as we gear up for a luxury gifting season because mum deserves to be pampered. Below are some of our top tips on how you can make the most of Mother’s Day and maximise your sales.

1. know who you're talking to 

No one knows your clientele better than you, so it’s crucial to understand: who are you talking to, this Mother’s Day? 

Are your client's young mums who are gifting for their mums, and possibly friends (and themselves!)? Are your client's grandparents who are purchasing for their children as mums and themselves, too? Or, are you a barbershop with a predominantly male clientele, looking for last minute gifts for their wives and mums?

Knowing who you’re talking to will help you understand how to speak to them.

2. dress for success

Don’t forget to dress your space to remind your clients of your great gifting range and offering for Mother’s Day.

Consider a designated retail area for your gifts, dressed up to promote Mother’s Day gifting. If you have space, window displays are a great way to showcase your products to foot traffic walking past. Decals are a cost-effective way to add some pizazz to your windows, too!

3. treat(ment) mum 

Whilst retail packs are always great for gifting and offer a chance to try new products, don’t forget that services, such as a colour or treatment at the basin offer moments of luxury for mum, too. 

Gift vouchers, promotional offers, and gifts with purchase are ways that those moments of luxury can be gifted, too.

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4. Dial into digital 

This is the time to make your social media work for you! Your clients are often searching for your salon online, whether it’s via social media or Google. Use this time to re-invigorate your assets with a Mother’s Day theme, showcasing your products and how easy gifting is! These are also great times to remind your customers to support local, and shop with small businesses – especially if they’re businesses they know and love!

top tips for mother's day success

The Color Wow Global Director of Training and Education travels the world (follow his travels @mrgilesrobinson), educating on all things Color Wow. He’s a familiar face on QVC in the UK and works closely with salons to make sure their retail is as strong as their service menu. 

“It’s essential to master this digital age and reinvent the way you retail in order to future-proof your business, period,” says Giles. 
“Understanding the tools that are available and how to make them work for you is a steep learning curve for some, but it’s critical.” 

Here are some of Giles’ top tips for mastering retail and creating a luxury shopping experience for your clients:

  • Source nice, premium-looking and feeling bags
  • Find local businesses to team up with and use their products as extra giveaways in the bags when a client purchases. Look for luxury items like wax melts, eye masks, bath salts, etc
  • Have stickers made with your branding to seal the bags, they are easy and cheap to find online
  • Look for nice packing paper, you can even get this branded
  • If you have an online store, make sure your shipping dates are clear and parcels packaged neatly with branding
  • Allow click and collect – this also gives a reminder to rebook appointments!

Like other promotional periods such as Christmas and Father’s Day, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to lean on your current clientele to drive sales, while also promoting your business to new potential customers. Don’t forget to stock up with the latest hair colour, haircare and special offers for the upcoming Mother’s Day rush from Haircare Group now.

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