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Gauvin Family Foundation was founded to support charitable initiatives within our hair care community and beyond. We care about you, your customers and the community that we serve together. 

Through supporting thoughtfully chosen charities and initiatives that align with our family values, we know that together — we’re part of something bigger.

Giving Back

In 2023, some of the charitable recipients of the Gauvin Family Foundation included:

  • International Paralympic Committee
  • The Smith Family
  • Mark Hughes Foundation
  • Dementia Australia
  • Pancare Foundation

Making an Impact

Gauvin Family Foundation is supporting a range of causes and fostering relationships with charities that make a real impact.


  • Children
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Homeless
  • Those without access to education


  • Mental Health
  • Disabilities
  • Cancer


  • Natural Disasters
  • Climate
  • Industry Issues                 

Haircare Group has been a proud supporter of:

Expressions of interest

To nominate a charity the Gauvin family foundation could get involved with please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

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