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Bottle Blonde from Evo is a professional lightening portfolio, comprising of a powder and clay lightener and Colour Remover. Formulated to be vegan, cruelty and gluten-free, the Bottle Blonde range is also fragrance-free, using better for the planet ingredients.


Bottle Blonde, the professional lightening portfolio from Evo was created with performance first, to achieve clean, even blonde results. Formulated to reduce scalp irritability and sensitivity during the lightening process, Bottle Blonde is fragrance-free, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, whilst including ingredients such as isopropyl myristate, guar gum and kaolin to be better for the planet.

Comprising of a powder lightener that evenly lifts up to 9 levels, a clay lightener that lifts up to 8 levels and a colour remover that removes direct dye, demi-permanent and permanent colour from colour-treated hair, the Bottle Blonde range preserves hair strength and moisture.

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