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How to Promote Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity for barbers to grow a community of loyal customers, upsell products and capture new customers. Devising a successful strategy is an important part of having a successful Father’s Day sales period.

Why hair needs hydration and how to upsell treatments in your salon

Self-care and winter go hand-in-hand. It’s a no brainer. Clients feel the effects of winter on their hair and skin: Not only is hair more brittle and prone to dulling colour and breakage in the colder months, but skin is also drier.  And the best defence against dry, brittle and prone to breakage hair? It’s the same remedy as our skin– hydration.


Since 1974, Haircare Group has been supporting the hair industry with exclusive products and brands.


“As a company co-founded by a hairdresser for hairdressers, I’m so proud to support and help protect the industry and salon professionals within.”

Jan Gauvin

Director, Haircare Group

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