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Dedicated to engaging stylists with fresh formats, Moroccanoil education provides the knowledge, tools and support to make the most out of the Moroccanoil portfolio.

A story of success, an impulse for innovation and a relentless pursuit of high-performing products with a passion for empowering beautiful transformations, Moroccanoil education will leave you feeling inspired and ready to create something beautiful.

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Moroccanoil Classes

Moroccanoil Trends Inspired
Hair Styling | Advanced 2024 By Appointment In Salon

Explore the latest styling trends with Moroccanoil.

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Moroccanoil Color Explored
Hair Colouring | All Levels March - October 2024 In Salon & Virtual

Moroccanoil Color Explored. Explore the Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor Collection.

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Moroccanoil Color Inspired
Hair Colouring | Advanced April - September 2024 In Salon & Virtual

Moroccanoil Color Inspired. Get inspired by the latest blonding trends and our Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor range.

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Moroccanoil Product Explored
Product Knowledge | All Levels March - October 2024 In Salon & Virtual

Moroccanoil Product Explored An introduction to the Moroccanoil hair care and styling portfolio.

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