Meet Our Educators

Our team of world-class educators are talented, knowledgeable and understand how multi-faceted the hairdressing industry is. With a drive to watch our partners succeed, to support the growth of the industry and to push the boundaries of what is possible, we’ll help you become an expert!

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Aj Kownacki

Haircare Group Education Manager

Born into hairdressing heritage, Aj grew up in salons and won IHS awards in colour whilst still an apprentice. Taking her talents abroad, she spent time in some of London’s top salons, worked on London Fashion week, on film sets (and even had a short cameo on Super Yachts!) before returning to Australia, to her love of education.

“Salon education and helping develop the next generation of hairdressers coming through is my true passion.”

Andrew Maltman

Haircare Group Lead Technician- Virtual

Starting his career in hair at the age of 16 in Sydney, Andrew then moved to the UK at 21 and spent 10 years working as a hairdresser and technician. Upon returning to Australia, he undertook a degree in Social Science at University, understanding how his keen interest in culture, society and human interaction influences teaching and learning. Now, he has a focus on developing and implementing online learning avenues for Haircare Group, which has very much become his passion.

Evie York

Evo Technical Educator, NSW

Coming into her 26th year in the hairdressing industry, Evie has managed salons in Melbourne and even owned a salon in Brisbane.

Now based in Sydney with her dog Paloma, she says that being an educator makes it truly very easy to go to work everyday when the brand you stand behind and the product you work with and teach others about is at the top of its game.

When not teaching, you can find Evie getting back into the Sydney food scene – food is her second favourite thing, besides hair.

Grainne Mcglade

Evo Education Manager, New Zealand

Involved in the hairdressing industry for over 18 years, Grainne has been a colourist, master stylist, salon manager and creative team member who worked across ANZ fashion weeks.

Grainne enjoys using her knowledge to create exactly what clients are envisioning when they sit down in the chair; thinking of the client journey every step of the way to ensure they have an awesome salon experience.

She loves the creativity of the hairdressing industry and the people that work in it, that is what keeps her passionate and motivated every day.

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Holly Cartmell

Haircare Group Education Manager, NZ

Having worked in the hair industry for over 25years, Holly’s career has taken many turns, from being a stylist, salon owner and now into education and account management! With nearly 5 years with Haircare Group, Holly is a wealth of knowledge across all our brands. 

She has a deep passion and enjoyment for hair, and her favourite part of her role?  “I love that I’m able to pass on, share and help the industry knowledge grow and thrive through our Haircare Group education portfolio.

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Ingrid Wolff

Evo Technical Educator, SA

Ingrid’s passion for cool and conscientious hair solutions is paired with her dedicated and charismatic approach to education. She takes joy in helping people to navigate complex colour corrections, find unique solutions to colour problems, and supports people to discover the diversity and versatility in product application.
Ingrid brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as an educator and when she isn’t working her magic in a salon, you’ll likely find her hanging out at the beach with her toy poodle Oliver!

Jessie Burkitt

Haircare Group Technician, QLD

Jessie has always had a passion for fashion and hair. As a child she would change her hair regularly, and even had a spiral perm!

Beginning her career in Sydney working in high end salons, Jessie was lucky that her employers valued education and she attended international master colour classes. It was here that she found her love for education and knew she wanted to do it full time.

Jessie’s love for creative colouring and sharing of information is a true passion – one that she loves being able to share with her clients.

Justin O’Daniel

Haircare Group Lead Technician

With over 20 years’ experience as a manager, salon owner and educator, Justin is a multiple award-winner, with passions that lie in educating and training – he says that the ‘lightbulb moments’ people have make it worthwhile.
Being able to help a hairdresser or barber grow in their knowledge and skill is amazing, and the best part?

“I get to spend some time with very cool and creative people”.

Karen Rich

Evo Education Manager, Australia

As Evo Education Manager, Australia, sharing, training and influencing others still rocks her boat even after a couple of decades in the industry!
Karen loves seeking a different view of the familiar or stepping into the unknown to challenge the everyday.

“Learning keeps us connected in so many ways and fosters us to be the best version of ourselves for our clients, our employers and the industry.”

Leticia Doger

Haircare Group Technician, VIC

Leticia’s passion for the arts started as a winner of visual arts awards throughout her schooling. In her apprenticeship, she was a 2nd place state winner of an Eco Award HBIA and as a senior, was named in the Urban List’s Top 5 Curly Hairdressers in Victoria.

Her 16 years in the industry have seen her mentored by international, award-winning hairdressers, and her clientele of celebrities lead her to mentor and training on the salon floor by the age of 22.

Nurturing, supporting and inspiring hairdressers is where her true passion lies.

Reggie Eaves

Evo Technical Educator, QLD

A motivated sales and education professional with over 30 years of industry experience, Reggie educates stylists in understanding and using the latest professional products.

Starting as a high school teacher, he realised that his passions lay in a creative field and soon after, Reggie was colouring hair on the fashionable streets of Toorak Road and Chapel Street.

Now, Reggie is fortunate to combine his humour, passion for hair and teaching knowledge into education and entertainment as only he can deliver - It is what he likes to call Regutainment.

Samantha Foley

MOROCCANOIL Education Manager

With over 40 years in the industry, Samantha’s passion for hair started early when she spent school holidays in her Auntie’s salon before eventually buying her own. 

Travelling to work in top salons across the UK, Scotland and Ireland, she returned to Australia to manage the hair and beauty salon in the Shangri-La Hotel in the Rocks, Sydney, before teaching Certificate III, IV and Diploma levels of hair. 

Now working in “my best job role ever” at Haircare Group, Samantha does what she loves most – combining her passion for hairdressing and education. 

Sonia Deegenaars

Key Technician, QLD

With a love for educating and supporting the younger generation of hairdressers, Sonia’s passion is filling people with knowledge and equipping them with the tools to succeed.

Sonia has worked as a Technical Educator and Education Manager for 20 years – and she still loves her role today and she did when she first started in Technical roles in 2002! Her favourite thing about her role?

"I love the hairdressing industry, the people and my clients! Every day is a rewarding day and helping one person won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one person.”

Suzana Veljanoska

Haircare Group Technician, NSW

A love of learning and a love of teaching inspires Suzana, who knew that hair and education were her life, after starting her apprenticeship.
Working in many of Sydney’s leading salons with the addition of furthering her education career at private hairdressing institutions, Suzana eats, sleeps and breathes hair!

“I entered into education because I love to help others, seeing clients grow and learn, reaching new levels, is a highlight for me.”

Victoria Gibson

Haircare Group Technician, NZ

Part of the hair industry for over 30 years, Victoria loves that the hairdressing community is so creative and caring.  She has dipped her toes into all aspects of hairdressing from photography, film, weddings and owning her own business. 

As an educator, her aim is to inspire, build confidence in each salon professional and their work – but most of all, have fun whilst doing it! 

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Karina Gollins

Evo Technician, South Island New Zealand

Having worked in the industry for over 23 years, there has been many roles I’ve played and loved, from salon owner, salon manager, building a brand, fully booked stylist, being involved with creative teams, leading a show at fashion week, multiple award winner, education and working on stage at hair expo, there’s nothing I haven’t achieved that I put my mind to. Passing on my passion and knowledge for hair is something I enjoy the most. I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with some of the best in our industry, learning and growing is the most exciting.

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Ross Lemon

Haircare Group Technician, VIC

Ross began his Hairdressing career in 2002, quickly adapting his learning style and affiliation for a technical approach to a creative craft. Ross believes that every experience/job as a hairdresser allows you an opportunity to personally and professionally grow, from the technicalities of colour application to adopting your communication style ensuring every client feels heard.

After a session with his technician, Ross knew that his dream career vocation was within the hairdressing education world; returning to university to gain his Bachelor with Honours in Education to better equip himself with the skills to guide his industry peers through their education journey.

While working alongside some truly inspirational peers Ross has been afforded opportunities to share his knowledge/experience on national and international platforms.

David Nazzari

Evo Technician, VIC

I am energetic, creative, and enthusiastic with a genuine love for the hair and beauty industry. I have worked in the industry for over 25 years, building extensive knowledge across the sector through various roles including hair stylist, educator, business development and technician.

I leverage my skills, knowledge, and experience to support the growth of hair stylists, in turn strengthening their services and overall business success.

Lauren Sedgwick

Haircare Group Technician, WA

Lauren has been in the Industry for over 16 years, where she has joined her passion for hairdressing and education into one role. Lauren has been lucky enough to be a part of High fashion shoots, shows and events. She has a strong passion for colouring, styling and loves teaching and inspiring the next generation of Stylists.

Lauren looks forward to being a part of the HCG Education team and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her education role.

Tiarne Greenan

Evo Technician, NSW

Tiarne started working in the hair industry almost 20 years ago in some of Sydney and Newcastle's best salons. During her career she has had amazing industry experiences such as working backstage at Hair Expos GeNext Galas and won multiple awards at the IHS hairdressing competitions. After opening her own salon, she found a love of nurturing and educating the best generation of stylists and colourists.

When not educating and looking after her clients, Tiarne loves spending quality time with her husband and 3 sons.

Alison Brown

Evo Technician, WA

With over 20 years in the hairdressing industry  Alison has work across Perth, London and Melbourne. She had a lengthy career on the salon floor from being a high sort after senior to salon manager and head educator. She also won a few accolades along the way.

She has a real passion for the hair industry and education. Alison loves nothing more than sharing her wealth of knowledge and watching hairdressers grow and expand in confidence.