Evo Training & Education

Evo education is designed to get you juiced up with practical yet imaginative techniques that can be used on the salon floor. With classes that span gender, skill level and specialty, the Evo education program takes you through progressive colour theory, dispelling theories and forging new frontiers. With fundamental how-to’s, creative styling, cutting techniques, colour mixology and creative colour courses, Evo will help you be the best you can be. They empower people to make informed choices by educating and inspiring them to think differently and uncover the truth…

Choose your own adventure, with a range of Evo classes. Discover our range of courses by scrolling the page below.

Evo Classes

Evo - One Stop Chop

Let this be your one-stop-chop for haircutting fundamentals. Learn to perfect layering, shags, mullets and bobs then enhance your cuts with the right styling techniques. Thanks for this hands on session, you'll be able to chop your way to success on the salon floor.

Evo - Cut Both Ways
Hair Cutting | Advanced April - November 2024 STUDIO: SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, ACT

Cut Both Ways Creative Cutting that will help you conquer advanced creative cutting techniques that can be tailored to each and every client.

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Evo - Do or Dye
Hair Colouring | Advanced May - October 2024 STUDIO: SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, WA

Do or Dye. Go hard or go home with Bottle Blonde, Staino and Hue-verse in tow.

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Evo - Shade Shifter
Hair Colouring | All Levels July - October 2024 STUDIO: SA, VIC, NSW

Shade Shifter. Transform you skills in mixology with fundamentals of direct dye colouring with Evo.

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Evo - You Know Hue
Hair Colouring | Advanced April - October 2024 STUDIO: VIC, NSW

You Know Hue creative colour. Learn how to achieve commercial and on-trend advanced colouring techniques perfectly.

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Evo - Take Shape
Hair Styling | Advanced April - October 2024 STUDIO: SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, WA, ACT

Take Shape creative styling. Learn advanced hair styling techniques from the ground up!

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Evo - True Colours
Hair Colouring | Advanced July - November 2024 STUDIO: SA, VIC, ACT

Master modern blondes and traffic-stopping coppers with Lauren Cooper in this True Colours Commercial Colour Class.

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Evo Conquer the Combo
Hair Styling | All Levels 2024 By Appointment In Salon

Evo Conquer the Combo. Fundamentals of styling.

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Evo Light Side of Life
Hair Coloring | All Levels 2024 By Appointment In Salon

Light Side of Life fundamental lightening.

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Evo Knowledge Master
Product Knowledge | All Levels March - November 2024 In Salon & Virtual

Moroccanoil Product Explored An introduction to the Moroccanoil hair care and styling portfolio.

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Evo Pigment Party
Hair Colouring | All Levels March - October 2024 In Salon & Virtual

Pigment Party. Fab Pro + Staino knowledge.

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