In-Salon Classes

An opportunity to give your salon a competitive advantage in the industry, upskill or brush up on your product knowledge, in-salon classes are a way to engage your team and reinvigorate their learning.

A great investment for your salon and team, a Haircare Group educator will come to your salon, spending time with your team to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Discover our range of courses by scrolling the page below. If you'd like an In-Salon please contact our education team:



Evo The Lads Product Knowledge
Barbering May - October Virtual or In-Salon

Learn the sorcery behind mixing and matching products together to create bespoke products for the lads.

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Evo Sir Mix-a-lot
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - October Virtual

Join your pals; Fab Pro and Staino on the ultimate colour fusion revolution.

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Evo Breaking Hue Ground and Bottle Blonde
Product Knowledge/Hair Colouring MARCH - NOVEMBER Virtual OR IN-SALON

An entire cosmos of possibilities and it all starts here. Let Evo be your guiding light to colourful glory.

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Direct Dye Overload

If you’ve mastered the science behind colour and are left wanting more, Pete Koziell and team analog have just the class for you. Where creativity runs high and finger painting is encouraged as you use fab pro and staino to create any shade your heart desires.

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TEKNIA Ritual Treatment Staff Spa Session
Hands on /Product Knowledge By Appointment In-Salon

The Lakmé Spa Session is a great opportunity to connect the team whilst experiencing first-hand the features and benefits behind the full concept range.

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Lakmé Diverse Foil Patterns
Hair Colouring By Appointment In-Salon

Understand how to customise foil patterns that work and complement different shapes in a haircut, to harness your clients' individual flair.

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Lakmé Refine the Art of Filling
Hair Colouring By Appointment In-Salon

Refining the Art of Filling is a step often overlooked due to time constraints or lack of know how in many salons.

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Lakmé Hairline Hack Basin Smudge
Hair Colouring By Appointment In-Salon

Lakmé Hairline Hack creates a pop of facial colour completed with the NEW Lakmé shades to smudge for tonal balance and shine.

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Reshaping Lakmé New Fashion shades
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring April - September Virtual OR IN-SALON

Explore the comprehensive knowledge on the extensive high performing Fashion shades within the new Lakmé Reshaping Collage system.

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Reshaping Lakmé New Grey Coverage
Hair Colouring April - September In-Salon

Update your knowledge on high performing grey coverage options with the new Lakmé Reshaping Shades and Tones in the Collage system.

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Reshaping Lakmé: New Blondes
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - November Virtual OR IN-SALON

Update your knowledge on high performing lightening options within the new Reshaping Collage System.

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Lakmé Cult Toning Palettes
PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE/Hair Colouring March - September Virtual OR IN-SALON

A session to unwrap the new Lakmé toning system through this interactive practical application of the high performing toning palettes

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The Himbo Blokes Scalp Bleaching Corrective Tones & Vibrant Melt
Barbering/Bleaching March - July Virtual or In-Salon

The Himbo method customises men's global bleaching services.

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The Husky Blokes Grey Blend
Barbering/Hair Colouring April - September Virtual or In-Salon

The Husky blending technique was developed to expand a barber's service menu.

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The Prick Blokes Natural Highlights
Barbering/Bleaching April - August Virtual or In-Salon

The Prick highlight service is for the bloke who wants colour but doesn’t want colour, if you know what we mean!

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Lakmé Tame the Beard Maintenance Treatments
Barbering March - August Virtual or In-Salon

The Beard Culture is here to stay.

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Lakmé Aura Smooth revolution Product Knowledge
Product Knowledge March - October Virtual or In-Salon
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Lakmé TEKNIA Inspiring Natural Beauty
Product Knowledge March - October Virtual or In-Salon

The new TEKNIA delivers an all-in-one spectacular package of sustainable practices with organic and vegan ingredients.

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Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley Full concept
Product Knowledge March - October Virtual

Heralded as the ‘Hair Doctor’ by the international press, Philip Kingsley is known worldwide as the leading authority on hair and scalp care.

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Reuzel Devils in the Detail Product Knowledge
Barbering March - October Virtual or In-Salon

Unleash your inner "Scumbag" with Reuzel.

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