More Blonde, Less Brass: Get To Know Moroccanoil Treatment Purple


A revolutionary tone-correcting oil specifically designed for blonde, highlighted, and grey hair, the new Moroccanoil Treatment Purple is set to become a styling station essential in your salon. The lightweight argan oil-infused formula instantly absorbs into the hair, enhancing manageability and shine without leaving any purple residue — just beautifully styled, shiny, healthy hair. 

What is Moroccanoil Treatment Purple?

Similar to the Original Treatment, Moroccanoil Treatment Purple stands out due to its multitasking nature, making it an essential blonde styling treatment for salons. Here are a few ways it will enhance your clients' hair:

  • Tone Correction: The violet-pigmented oil balances lighter hair colours against orange undertones while banishing any brassiness.
  • Enhanced Shine: Argan oil and linseed extract enrich the hair, providing a lustrous, healthy glow.
  • Improved Manageability: The lightweight, alcohol-free formula tames frizz, detangles hair, and makes styling easier.
  • Conditioning and Nourishment: Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, the purple treatment deeply conditions, making hair look and feel healthier.
  • Versatility: Ideal for all styling and salon services, it delivers both styling and conditioning benefits.
  • Daily Use: Unlike purple shampoos and conditioners, which are used intermittently, the Moroccanoil Treatment Purple can be applied as often as needed, providing continuous tone correction and shine.
  • No Staining: Tested to ensure it doesn’t stain your hands, clothes, or towels, giving you the confidence to use it on your clients without colour transfer.

How to Use Moroccanoil Treatment Purple

For optimal results, incorporate Moroccanoil Treatment Purple into your clients' styling and hair care routine as follows:

  • Apply a small amount (1-2 pumps) to clean, towel-dried hair, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends as the foundation for all styling, or apply to dry hair to help smooth frizz.
  • Use 2-3 times a week, or as needed, to maintain the desired tone and enhance hair health.
  • Regular use ensures an accumulation of violet pigments over time, providing stronger brass neutralisation and long-lasting results.
  • Pair with Moroccanoil’s Purple Shampoo and Conditioner for enhanced toning results.

Proven Results

Not just a pretty bottle, this oil achieves results! In an independent consumer test conducted on 75 respondents.

After just one use, the Moroccanoil Treatment Purple showed these stunning results:

  • 95% of users said it refreshed their highlights. 

After a week of consistent use: 

  • 95% of users said it reduced their hair’s brassiness. 
  • 95% said it helped maintain their blonde tones between salon appointments. 

Backed by Moroccanoil’s proven legacy of innovation in hair oil treatments, Treatment Purple will become your go-to toning product for in-salon services. 

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