At Haircare Group, active sustainability practices are really important to us and the brands we stock. We are fortunate to align with brands that have 100% recyclable packaging, brands that work with charities to collect, recycle and repurpose plastic while supporting communities, and brands that are using PCR and Sugarcane Bioplastic. We’re also fortunate to work with salons making great change and leading the industry in sustainability, so that we can learn from them and take their advice on sustainable practices.

Join us and discover how your salon can become more sustainable, indulge in brands that are making real change and make a positive impact on the future of hair care.


Haircare Group Article Image 580w x 385h px.jpgIf you’ve ever been to Haircare Group head office in Marleston, South Australia, you’ve seen the state-of-the-art facilities that we have to offer. With dedicated education spaces, semi-automated warehouse, Cash & Carry store onsite, as well as office space for 200 employees, we certainly take up our fair share of space.

Built using green features, green buildings reduce the impact on our environment in comparison to other buildings. It’s based around the way they’ve been constructed, materials used, their relationship with the location and surroundings, and the way they function once completed.

What makes this facility even more special is our dedication to limiting our impression on the environment. The building is fitted with a solar and 24-hour energy performance monitoring system that outlines daily energy savings due to the solar power system. We can monitor the current state and energy production of the building at any moment, from anywhere in the world and the building automatically calculates the amount of greenhouse gas it avoids and now much of its own renewable energy it creates.

It's a facility that not only supports itself but will continue to support itself well into the future.

Haircare Group is proud to be an innovator and leader in this space with some great initiatives coming soon – stay tuned!

Brands Making Positive Changes

Some of our exclusive brands are looking at their impact on the environment and world around them. To celebrate this, we are showcasing some of their sustainable efforts.



Evo are launching a partnership with Plastic Bank, an organisation that collects, recycles and reprocesses ocean-bound plastic waste, supporting communities along the way.


Olaplex Article Image 580w x 385h px V2.jpg


Olaplex's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint include saving 57mm gallons of water from being wasted and 344K trees from being deforested.




Lakmé’s work to reduce their consumption of energy resources, such as cold production processes, have solar panels to generate clean energy, and the CIP cleaning system to recycle used water.

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The Moroccanoil Treatments come in glass bottles made from 35% recycled glass and are 100% recylable.

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Most Philip Kingsley products are made from PCR or sugarcane bioplastic - and can be recycled!


Our Favourite haircare brands and their sustainable practices

Sustainability is more than a trend, it’s a way for businesses of all types to be transparent and accountable for their place and practices. Salons around the world are taking an interest in how they can minimise their footprint on the world, and clients are getting savvier as to business practices that they use, product ingredients and packaging.


"Sustainability to me means doing your bit, being conscious and leaving the planet better than how you found it."

Bel Mills

Pipsqueek in Saigon, SA

Top 5 Sustainability Tips for Salons

Want to level up your sustainability game in salon? We understand that being more sustainable in your salon might seem like a monumental task, so we’ve broken down 5 simple ways you can be more sustainable in your salon to help get you started + some salon sustainability tips to help you on your positive planet journey!

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In addition to being kind to the planet, we also believe in being kind to those who inhabit it. Discover our range of Vegan and Cruelty Free hair care products.

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