Professional Buying Guide for Electricals

1200 x 560 Desktop-Featured-Image.jpgStyling using high quality, professional electricals is the perfect finishing touch to any hair service.

It helps to elevate and showcase the incredible cut and colour you’ve already created. But with so many hot hair tools available, it can be hard to determine which is the best fit for your salon. Our wonderful team of Haircare professionals have put together this buying guide to help you and give you confidence when making your next electrical tools purchase.



First and foremost, your budget will ultimately dictate what kind of equipment you have available in your salon. If your salon is in its infant stages or you’re just about to open a salon for the very first time, we recommended starting out with some more affordable options to help kick start your journey. Fusion has a great range of quality electricals that are reasonably priced, helping you get the most bang for your buck. The Fusion Feather Touch 1+1 Deal includes a free Fusion Slick Touch Original Iron with the purchase of a Fusion Featherjet Plus Professional Hair Dryer.

For more established salons, you can look at upgrading your tools to incorporate some more advanced technology. With new technology for hair tools being developed all the time, having the latest and greatest in your salon helps to ensure you’re providing the best quality service for your clients. CLOUD NINE have designed their electricals to include Kinder Styling Technology, incorporating mineral infused plates, variable temperature control, and floating plates. The CLOUD NINE Sericite Professional Wide Iron is perfect for busy salon environments, with a heat-up time of just 20 seconds.



Purchasing your electrical tools from beloved, reputable brands, with high quality products, is important. Although buying cheaper products can seem tempting in the moment, they are more likely to break, especially when being used so frequently in a busy salon environment, which will ultimately cost you more in the long run. Investing in higher quality hot tools ensures fuss-free, seamless styling in salon and allows you to deliver a higher quality experience for your clients. When shopping for electrical tools with Haircare Group, you can be confident you’re purchasing only the best quality products.



We know you don’t want tools sitting in drawers, taking up space and gathering dust, so it’s important that you’re only buying the tools your salon actually needs (and ensuring you have enough of those tools that you do need!).

If majority of your clients are requesting blow-dries and blowouts, it’s important to invest in multiple high-quality hairdryers for each station in your salon, to ensure your appointments all run smoothly. We know buying multiple electrical tools at once can be costly, so take advantage of special offers available. The Fusion Featherjet Plus Black Ionic Dryer Duo allows you to purchase two dryers for the price of one!

Alternatively, if you’re undertaking lots of bridal or special occasion styling, opting for higher quality straighteners and curling wands is imperative. With instant heat-up and easy grip, we recommend the Silver Bullet Fastlane Clipless Ceramic Curling Wand 32mm for creating textured curls and waves.


We highly recommend talking to your team and getting their input on the tools they need. Your stylists will have preferences on which types of electrical tools they prefer, including which brands and models help them to create their best work! Having this conversation with your stylists will help you get a better picture of what tools are required in your salon.

For Barber's who do a lot of edge lining and detail work, we recommend the Wahl Detailer T-Wide Cordless Trimmer. With a powerful rotary motor, this tool is able to keep up with the demand of busy barber shops.

The Wahl Power Dry 2000W Hair Dryer is a stylists’ best friend, providing the choice of 3 heat and 2 speed settings, a lightweight and ergonomic handle for balance and control, plus low noise to help maintain volume control in the salon.


Having electricals available for clients to purchase is a great chance to upsell on top of the traditional retail products available, such as shampoos and conditioners. Take the opportunity when styling your clients’ hair to show them how they can recreate the same look at home.

The CLOUD NINE Alchemy range of retail electricals gives clients all the tools they need to create salon-worthy hair from the comfort of their own home. From irons, to curling wands and hair dryers, there’s a product to suit every need.

For clients that are always on the go, the Fusion Big Shot Travel Hair Dryer is small in size but big on results. Measuring only 15cm x 13cm, this dryer delivers a whopping 1100 Watts of Dual Voltage Power, so clients can forget about those dodgy hotel dryers.

As salon professionals, we understand the importance of having quality electricals that help you deliver impeccable styling results for your clients. We hope this buying guide has provided you with some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to purchasing electricals for your salon. Discover our range of professional electrical hair tools crafted for quality heat styling results.