Professional Buying Guide for Electrical Tools

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Whether you're fitting out a brand-new salon or simply ready to upgrade your tools, we've got all the information you need to choose the right electrical tools for you!


Styling using high quality, professional electrical tools is the perfect finishing touch to any salon hair service. It helps to elevate and showcase the incredible cut and colour you’ve already created. But with so many hot hair tools available, it can be hard to determine which is the best fit for your salon.

Our wonderful team of Haircare Group hairdressers, educators and creatives have put together this buying guide to help give you confidence when making your next electrical tools purchase.


When setting up your salon, it’s crucial to equip yourself and your team with a range of tools that help you provide high quality services. Here’s a list of must-haves for any styling kit;


Kaleo Products 780x525.jpgBesides the humble hairdryer, styling irons are an equally pivotable electrical tool for salon services. Using the latest technologies to deliver results in consideration with good hair health, wide and slim styling irons deliver a range of styling results for clients requiring sleek, curly, wavy hair, and much more.


The backbone of any salon, the humble hair dryer is crucial to hairdressing services. Along with reliability, a high performing hair dryer should reduce drying time and effectively smooth or add volume without damaging hair.


Curling tools and wands are indispensable for creating updos, special occasion styles and everyday looks. When choosing wands for your salon, we recommend opting for curling irons that have technology that enhances hair without causing heat damage.


Moroccanoil Tools 780x525.jpgHelping stylists create sleek, smooth styles, an electrical hot brush combines the effectiveness of a paddle brush with heat to add volume, tame frizz, detangle, and smooth out hair.


Electrical grooming tools that trim, fade and perform precision shaping are essential to styling shorter hairstyles. For some barbers, brand loyalty or familiarity to a certain line of grooming tools may be a deciding factor. Here are some high performing clippers & trimmers by brand; 


Your budget will ultimately dictate what kind of equipment you’ll have available in your salon. If your business is in its infancy, or you’re just about to open your first salon, we recommend starting out with more affordable options to help kick start your journey.


When selecting electrical tools for your salon, it's essential to consider the delicate balance between budget and performance. While budget constraints are a reality, investing in higher-quality tools often yields better performance and reliability.

  • More affordable options allow you to establish or upgrade your salon without significant financial strain.
  • Cost effective tools can deliver good results for basic styling needs.
  • Some economical tools may lack advanced features and cutting-edge technology, potentially limiting styling possibilities.
  • Durability and longevity may vary compared to higher-end tools, potentially requiring more frequent replacements.

If you’re looking for a high performing, economical option, Fusion electrical styling has a great range available for stylists that need to stick to a strict budget. With a range of quality tools that are reasonably priced, helping you get the most bang for your buck.

Alternatively, you may be a home hairdresser who specialises in colour services with limited styling offered, so you may not feel the need to invest in multiple electrical tools. In these cases, the hairdresser preferred Featherjet Plus Ionic Professional Hair Dryer is the crown jewel of the Fusion brand, supported by the SlickTouch range of irons.

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If most of your clients are requesting blow-dries and blowouts, it’s important to invest in multiple high-quality hair dryers for each station in your salon. We know buying multiple electrical tools at once can be costly, so we recommend taking advantage of the Special Offers that Haircare Group has available.

Alternatively, if you are undertaking a high volume of bridal or special occasion styling services, opting for higher quality straighteners and curling wands is imperative.



Newcomers to the professional styling space, Kaleo premium electrical tools are designed to enhance hair’s natural beauty. Offering a range of eco-friendly irons, dryers and curling tongs, Kaleo combines technology and beautiful design with high-quality hair styling results.

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Give your client's the opportunity to gift salon quality styling and self-care in one package with these limited edition Salon Retail Deals from Kaleo.Kaleo premium electrical tools are designed to enhance hair’s natural beauty. Offering a range of eco-friendly irons, dryers and curling tongs, Kaleo combines technology and beautiful design with high-quality hair styling results.


We know it’s not ideal for tools to sit idle in drawers, taking up space and gathering dust, so it’s important that you are only buying tools your salon needs (and ensuring you have enough of those tools that you do need!). 


Moroccanoil Tools 1 780x525.jpgWe highly recommend talking to your team and getting their input on the tools they really need. Your stylists will have preferences on which types of electrical tools they prefer, including which brands and models that will help them create their best work. Having this conversation with your stylists will help you get a better picture of what tools are required in your salon. 


To ensure your stylists feel comfortable whilst blow-drying throughout the day, choose electrical tools that are ergonomic, lightweight, and reliable. For all day comfort, try the Kaleo Professional Dyer or Fusion Typhoon Professional Hair Dryer.

take-home electrical STYLING FOR CLIENTS

Having electrical hot tools available for clients to purchase is a great chance to upsell on-top of traditional retail products such as shampoos and conditioners. When styling your client’s hair, take the opportunity to show them how to recreate at home with the right tool.

To-Go Styling: Travel Dryers

For those jet-setting clients, the Fusion Big Shot Travel Hair Dryer is small in size but big on results. Measuring only 15cm x 13cm, this dryer delivers a whopping 1100 Watts of Dual Voltage Power, so clients can forget about those dodgy hotel dryers.


GLISTER, the new kids on the block, have a unique hot tools range that spans from super-sleek, temperature controlled Digital Clip Curlers to Mini Travel Irons for styling on the go. Help your clients achieve their style dreams with GLISTER’s ultra-colourful, cutting-edge hair tools.

We hope this buying guide has provided you with some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to purchasing hot tools for your salon. Purchasing your electrical tools from beloved, reputable brands, with high quality products, is important. When shopping with Haircare Group, you can be confident you’re purchasing only the best quality products.

Discover our range of professional electrical hair tools crafted for quality heat styling results.

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