How to Create a Modern Mullet With a Drop Fade

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Barbiere ambassadors Jaymes Lunn and Celine Kaponias work together to bring you a modern take on the trend making the rounds – the mullet.

Jaymes Lunn, also known as @barberyjaymes on Instagram, gained inspiration for this look at a time when this cut was taking over the studio “Instead of just fading the side panels I wanted to incorporate more of a mohawk element to the cut whilst really defining the exterior hairlines into something crisp and precise. I’d love to see this cut at a high end runway show!"

Step One

Create a vertical section throughout the middle of the head, from the crown to the frontal hairline. Using strong tension, pull the hair straight up and cut to the desired length. Continue to take horizontal sections no more than a fingers width apart. Ensure you use consistent tension throughout to maximise shape. Dry the hair to natural state.

Step Two

Using a number 2 guard with your clipper lever open. Vertically position with guard teeth directed at the ceiling. Scoop out when you reach the parietal ridge to maximise weight throughout the curvature of head. Replicate this with an arch like motion around the curvature of the ear to enhance the shape of the mullet. Clipper over comb to connect the sides to top if needed.

Step Three

Place your Zero line using your detailer. For this look aim to drop the fade. Place the zero line above eye level and have it follow the arch motion. Ensure guidelines are even throughout before proceeding.

Step Four

Using your 1.5 Guard we are going to knock out our visible trimmer line. Using a flick motion when blending and following the arch shape. Make sure to use approximately 3-4 teeth of the edge of your clipper, to make sure you don’t create another unnecessary line.

Step Five

To finish the fade, use a trimmer to sharper the exterior outlines around the temple area and remove any visible zero lines.

Step Six

Now using a hair dryer on a medium heat level and full power, remove frizz with a fade brush without altering the hair’s natural wave.

Step Seven

For a medium hold and matte finish use Suavecito’s Matte Pomade. To apply take a quarter sized amount of the product out of the container and rub between your hands to warm up. Working from root to tip, apply to hair ensuring even distribution.

The Final Look

Creative Direction: Jaymes Lunn @barberyjaymes

Look creation: Celine Kaponias @chopchops

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