Spring is in the Hair


Spring is finally here and as we come out of the colder winter months, Spring brings a fresh breath of creativity, colour and inspiration and we lead into the beginning of the busy season.

With Spring comes plenty of opportunities to dress up, and have some fun with our hair and beauty, especially as we start seeing more clients coming in for hair styles for special occasions. We turned to the runways for inspiration for this season’s hottest trends where we saw nostalgic volume, bold colours, exaggerated silhouettes and shapes, and effortlessly cool texture as some of the key trends for the warmer months. Hair accessories have also made a strong appearance on the runways where we saw that “more was more”. In the spirit of Spring, Haircare Group Creative Director had some fun using real flowers in his Spring inspired hair trends.

Look 1: Boho braids

It's no secret that braided styles continue to reappear in spring and summer beauty trends, and we are predicting this year to be no different. One thing we love about braids is their versatility. With so many different braiding techniques, your styling options are endless.

This year kicked off with the return of the baby braids, where we saw celebrities and influencers donning fine fame-framing braids at Coachella and on the red carpet, serving boho ‘70s or ‘90s grunge depending on how they were styled.

This Spring/Summer we are turning it up a notch to big, looser braids that are soft and feminine for a vintage, whimsical look. The appeal of this style is the effortless feel, which is the key to keeping the look modern and fresh. For added drama and because everyone loves an up-style, play with creating shape with braids on top of the head for a dreamy up do.

Tip: The bohemian finish lies in the details – from leaving some strands to fall around the face, to plaiting the hair loosely.

Get The Look:

  1. Prep hair with Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream.
  2. Create 2 ponytails and spray through Color Wow Style On Steroids for texture ahead of braiding, leaving out pieces around the face.
  3. Braid each ponytail using fishtail braiding technique.
  4. Gently pull and tease out sections to create a messy, undone texture.
  5. Twist braids and shape to sit on top of the head and secure in place with pins. Finish with Color Wow Style On Steroids.
  6. Curl the face framing pieces using Cloud Nine Sericite Curling Wand.
  7. Secure flowers into braid using bobby pins.

Look 2: 80's Asymmetrical Curls

If fashion and beauty has taught us anything, it’s that just about every trend makes its way back.

While the 80s saw many good, bad (and ugly!) hairstyles, there’s one thing they all had in common…they were unapologetically BIG and BOLD. So pump up the volume when creating your next set of curls to recreate the decade’s same volume but think looser curls and softer body for a slightly modern twist.

While the 90s were all about middle part, opt for a deep side part to create an asymmetrical shape for that extra 80s edge.

Tip: A side part on a short style creates added volume and texture.

Get The Look:

  1. Prep damp hair with Philip Kingsley Perfecting Primer for heat protection.
  2. Follow with Moroccanoil Volumizing Mist through roots and mids for extra va-va-voom volume.
  3. Dry off hair with blow dryer – we love the Fusion Typhoon.
  4. Section hair and create bouncy textured curls using the Cloud Nine straightener by alternating the direction of the tool when moving down the strand of hair.
  5. Curl the final section of hair in one direction following deep part for asymmetrical shape.
  6. Spray Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray generously through the hair for gritty texture and to hold the shape.
  7. Slick back hair on one side and finish with generous amount of Evo Builder’s Paradise to hold.
  8. Finish by teasing in roots and finish with Evo Love Touch for added shine.

Look 3: Textured Up Do

This season’s trendiest haircut is the bob, and for what bobs lack in length, they make up for in cool-factor!

Everyone loves an updo, but a challenge can be styling up do’s with shorter hair. There’s a longstanding notion that short hairstyles are restrictive, however Peter Beckett rose to the challenge to bust this notion by creating this edgy, cascading up style with plenty of texture and drama.

When working with short hair, use the short pieces of hair that aren’t quite long enough to pull into your stye to advantage by using them to create extra texture and interest. Make sure you use plenty of styling products for volume and hold!

Tip: Sectioning the hair into three parts allows more control and creates smaller pieces to twist and pin into place.

Get The Look:

  1. Start with damp hair & section into thirds.
  2. Use Evo Macgyver and elastics to create 3 slicked pony tails down the back of the head.
  3. Dry hair & back tease the ends of the pony tails for texture using Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray.
  4. Twist hair in each section and secure with bobby pins, leaving some pieces out for exture and movement.
  5. Using a blow dryer and the end of a tail comb, flick out loose strands of hair to create direction.
  6. Secure flowers to hair with bobby pins and finish with Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray.

Colour Trends for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to introduce warmer tones into your clients' hair. The new colour trends that we have spotted are rich and deep or buttery tones. Coppers and blondes are popular as ever this season but with a fresh, new take...it's all about the creamy, buttery shades and adding dimension and contrast to the hair.

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