The Next Big Thing: Evo Top Drop


Instant hair gratification, coming right up

Evo Top Drop is a range of professional in-salon treatments for when your clients’ hair needs a healthy dose of good and proper wham-bam, thank-you-ma’am hairapy.

Available in hydrate, repair, platinum blonde, and scalp, Top Drop dishes up instant hair gratification quickly, simply and effectively while respecting people and the planet.

Top Drop dishes up: 

  • Improved condition
  • Longer-lasting colour
  • Better manageability
  • Stronger and more hydrated locks


A highly concentrated in-salon treatment that instantly hydrates hair to reduce frizz, improve condition and add shine.

Recommended for:  Dry, colour-treated hair.


  • Hydrates: Deeply and quickly moisturises hair for improved manageability
  • Reduces frizz: Instantly seals the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and provide humidity control so hair is left with 48% less frizz
  • Improves condition: Greatly improves softness and shine while helping to detangle and improve manageability
  • Protects colour: Helps colour look more vibrant for up to 12 washes

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A highly concentrated in-salon treatment that instantly repairs and strengthens weak and brittle hair to reduce breakage, improve condition and add shine.

Recommended for: Weak, brittle, colour-treated hair


  • Repairs: Instantly treats and nourishes damaged hair
  • Strengthens: Helps to reduce breakage, improving combability by 83% on dry hair
  • Improves condition: Greatly improves softness and shone while helping to detangle and improve manageability
  • Protects colour: Helps colour look more vibrant for up to 12 washes

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A highly concentrated in-salon treatment that instantly neutralises brassy, yellow tones in colour-treated blonde hair to tone and refresh, improve condition and shine.

Recommended for: Dull, dry, colour-treated blonde hair


  • Tones: Instantly neutralises unwanted tones to brighten and refresh colour-treated blonde hair for up to 6 washes
  • Improves condition: Greatly improves softness and shone while helping to detangle and improve manageability
  • Adds shine: Restores and maintains moisture balance to reduce frizz and improve shine

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Top Drop Scalp Concentrate

A highly concentrated in-salon scalp treatment that instantly soothes and protects the scalp by helping to reduce inflammation, irritation and dryness leaving the scalp balanced and calm while improving the condition of the hair.

Recommended for:

All scalp types, especially dry, itchy and irritated scalps.


  • Soothes: Instantly soothes the scalp reducing inflammation, itchiness and irritation.
  • Protects: Creates a protective hydrating barrier on the scalps surface to maintain moisture level.
  • Balances: Helps regulate oil production to leave the scalps natural oil levels balanced.
  • Calms: Cools the scalp to leave it feeling instantly calm and refreshed.

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Instant results

That’s right – these treatments can be seen and felt instantly.  INSTANTLY.  Louder for the people in the back: These. Treatments. Work. Instantly.   

That means no extra time, no clients taking up basin or chair space whilst processing a treatment and colour… instant results mean an add-on service with no extra time required.  Simply spray on the hair, comb through and rinse.


No imaginary technology, no fancy words – evo have used a high concentration of active ingredients to give epic results.  In their words?  “No bs required”.


Easy to understand, simple to use.  Wins all round.


It’s an essential service

Professional treatments are an important salon service that complete the full-service evo offering. With Top Drop, a salon can provide a full evo experience from colour through to in-salon and at-home care.

Boost existing business

Professional treatments complement every salon service, expanding your salon revenue.  Top Drop has no extra time required for your salon or client, which means you can upsell the treatment, without overcrowding your basins.

Support retail

Top Drop aligns with evo families so that stylists can easily prescribe clients with the corresponding take-home treatment to maintain the benefits in-between salon visits.

Doing the right thing

Evo want to bring about change for the better and create a movement of free-thinkers who care about doing the right thing. Top Drop was created with people and the planet in mind…

  • Infinitely recyclable glass bottles and aluminium lids
  • FSC® certified recycled boxes packed tightly in shippers to reduce carbon footprint
  • Vegan, cruelty free, made without sulfates, parabens or gluten
  • Supported by Sustainable Salons, Green Circle Salons and salon sustainability to help reduce and repurpose waste.
Just how good are the results?

Tested on humans and fancy machines, here are the cold hard facts:

  • Top Drop Hydrate Concentrate leaves hair with 48% less frizz*
  • Top Drop Repair Concentrate improves combability by 83%*
  • Top Drop Platinum Blonde Concentrate instantly reduces brassiness with results being seen for up to 6 washes*

All treatments preserve colour vibrancy for up to 12 washes – which is definitely worth talking about.

*based on instrumental colour longevity, hydration, combability on dry hair and anti-yellow test results conducted in 2021 for evo.

And if numbers aren’t your thing, here’s what some of the pros have to say:

 “I love that top Drop Hydrate is for everyone. Most people will benefit from a hydration injection in their hair routine. You can see for yourself that the results are exceptional! The softness and shine really are unparalleled.” –  Nicole Kae, A.H Salon + evo creative director

 “Top Drop Repair works absolute wonders on hair in need of a little bit of TLC. Colour treated, sensitised, heat or sun damaged hair will look absolutely brand new after a treatment. Your clients will be asking for it every time they are at the basin!” - Lauren Cooper, Etcher Salon

“Platinum concentrate is really a one-stop shop for blondes. Not only is the condition of the hair completely rejuvenated and repaired, the blonde is left toned and refreshed.” – Cassie Harwood-Jacquet, The Red Door Salon

"Top Drop Scalp is the perfect all-rounder, you can see it instantly calm and soothe while also helping to protect the scalp from further irritation once clients leave the salon. My favourite part though, is that it also leaves the hair feeling and looking amazing." - Tom Smith, Billi Currie Salon + Evo Creative Director

Try evo Top Drop in your salon and shop the full Evo range.

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