Winter 2023 Hair Cut & Colour Trends

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Ooh, how we love a good winter cut + colour!

This season, we’re seeing softer shades, lowlights and shaggy textures — giving off cosy + warm vibes that are a must in winter.

From copper waves to expensive honey blondes, we asked the H-Team to share their their top hairdressing colour and styling trends for winter ‘23 and what you’ll need to recreate them in the salon for your clients.

Image Credit (left to right): @jademareestudio @hbkandcohairdressing @komo_hair 

blog image_in article_ honey copper.jpgThe Look: Honey Copper Shag Cut (The Butterfly)

Image Credit: from @haircaregroup insta. Original content @hbkandcohairdressing Model's hair is Lakmé Collage & Lakmé Gloss

Colour crush incoming! Copper is having its moment, and we love to see Adding more fab than drab to an already vibrant hue, this colour is lifted to another level by the beautiful butterfly cut – bravo, beauties!

Great for: clients who want to soft-launch into red hair.

Difficulty: Hard-ish (Senior Stylist Level)

Blake James from Mr Burrows on colour:

Copper Hair Colour Shopping List:

How to Create Copper Hair Colour:

  • Pre-foil with babylights
  • Colour all over base with Hue-verse Permanent Hair Colour in 7.84
  • Tone and level with Hue-verse Demi-Permanent Hair Colour in 8.4

Gabby Allsop from Analog Hair on styling:

Shag Cut Shopping List:

How to Create The Shag Cut:

  • Ensure the fringe is cut to the shortest (desired) length
  • Softly graduate the remaining as a ‘face frame’
  • Keep layering around the jawline length to create movement
  • Style with Evo Day of Grace Pre-Styling Primer
  • Pop the fringe while drying using a medium brush or iron
  • Work Evo Whip It Good & evo Builder's Paradise into hair to create ‘butterfly’ flicks

blog image_in article_livedinblonde .jpgThe Look: Lived-In Ash Blonde + Face Framing LayerS

Image Credit: @komo_hair 

The lived-in look lives on from our days in lockdown, and we still love!

Great for: Low-maintenance clients that want easy ‘grow-out’ and that bombshell, Hollywood look.

Difficulty: Easy (great for a 3rd-year apprentice/emerging stylist).

Blake James from Mr Burrows on colour:

Ash Blonde Colour Shopping List:

How to Create Ash Blonde Hair Colour:

  • Pre-lighten the hair with medium to fine foil weaves
  • Follow the contour of the head around the perimeter using two toners — one for the richness of the brown and one for the level of blonde you want to lift to
  • Tone with 10.1, 10.7 or 9.6 (blonde) plus 6.81 (brown).

Rachel Hannah from Halo Hair Beauty on Styling:

Face Framing Layers Shopping List:

How-to Cut Face Framing Layers:

  • Prep with Moroccanoil Light Treatment and Leave-in Conditioner
  • Cut your baseline, then using a triangle-fringe sectioning pattern, determine where you want your shortest length to go from, then cut to desired length
  • Halve the triangle section then pull parallel to the section
  • Cut angle to encourage it to sweep back away from the face
  • Blend by slicing scissors downwards to your baseline creating a layered ‘face frame’
  • With your dryer and brush, use ‘twisting’ technique
  • Use Mending Infusion from mid to ends
  • Set with Dry Texture Spray

blog image_in article_brunette.jpgThe Look: Candlelit Brunette + Soft Wavy Bob

Image credit: @haircaregroup @jademareestudio

Highlighting soft, caramel tones and blonde lowlights, this is a super cute style that will give your clients’ that ‘cool girl’ aesthetic.

Great for: clients that want natural colours and minimal styling requirements. Suited to finer hair types.

Difficulty: Medium (final year apprentice to senior stylist).

Blake James from Mr Burrows on colour:

Candlelit Brunette Colour List:

How to Create Candlelit Brunette Colour:

  • For natural hair, hand paint blonde at the ends then apply brunette colour to the roots
  • Use a demi all over if hair has existing blonde ‘grow out’
  • Rinse and use an all over gloss with 7.31 or 6.03

Rachel Hannah from Halo Hair Beauty on styling:

Soft Wavy Bob Shopping List:

How to Cut a Soft Wavy Bob:

  • Prep with Moroccanoil Light Treatment and All in One Leave-in Conditioner
  • Start with a centre radial parting then taking horizontal subsections (starting from the nape) using your comb to hold the hair in place, cut a solid form and continue all the way to the crown
  • Use the same technique till you reach your centre part (repeat on other side)
  • Texturise from mids to ends concentrating internally through the hair cut
  • Wrap-dry using dryer and paddle brush
  • Grab your flat iron and starting at the front, use diagonal back sections (an inch wide) with an up and down movement pulling the iron back on itself
  • Work in Moroccanoil Mending Infusion from mids to ends
  • Set with Moroccanoil Luminous hairspray

blog image_in article_long blonde.jpgThe Look: ‘Quiet Luxury’ Long Honey Blonde

Image Credit: @komo_hair

‘Expensive Honey Blonde’ has been a big deal for hair styling this season. Representing the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic, this honey-coloured, long-layered style is much easier than it looks.

Great for: clients that are big on blonde, and low on maintenance.

Difficulty: Easy (3rd-year apprentice to senior stylist).

Harley Ralph from Zen Hair on colour:

Honey Blonde Colour Shopping List:

How to Create Honey Blonde:

  • Finely splice a full head of foils and tip out ends using K.Blonde Powder Lightener or soft baby lights and global colour (depending on existing colour)
  • Tone with the gold gloss to enhance soft, buttery shades
  • Treat with OLAPLEX 1,2 System at basin
  • Recommend OLAPLEX Take Home Treatment to maintain hair health & colour vibrancy

Rachel Hannah from Halo Hair Beauty on Styling:

Long Layers Shopping List:

How to Create and Style Long Layers:

  • Prep with Moroccanoil Light Treatment and All in One Leave-in Conditioner.
  • Take a centred section from the front of the hair line to the crown
  • Cut your section on a diagonal so that the crown is longer than the front
  • By using horizontal sections, direct each section back to the centre part, cutting on the same diagonal
  • Stop once you get to the lower crest (repeat on same side)
  • For the back, cut on the same diagonal as the front
  • Take radial sections from side to side
  • Comb all hair into a natural fall
  • Using the shortest piece from the front section, use a slicing technique to join the front to the baseline
  • Wet and prep mid to ends with Volumising Mist
  • Use Perfect Defense Spray globally
  • Dry into barrel curls, pinning each section
  • Once cooled, use a wide tooth comb to separate and put into place.
  • Finish with Luminous Medium Hairspray

We hope to see you and your team try out some of these stunning winter hairstyles and colours. A special thanks to our talented H-Team for their amazing insights, tips and tricks!

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