Introducing Curl Wow, expose the natural beauty of your curls


As serial hair-problem solvers, Color Wow made it their mission to find a way to create naturally styled, perfectly bundled curls without leaving hair greasy and weighing curls down.

Until Curl Wow, rich oils and other ingredients found in common curl products were unable to penetrate the strand due to the size of the particle. This resulted in the crunchiness and greasiness that so many textured-haired clients struggle with.

Curl Wow is a total departure from “old school” curl products and methods. With their innovative “NAKED TECHNOLOGY”, based on the ground-breaking Profaxil-18 Complex™ developed by Chief Chemist and award-winning hair product formulator, Dr. Joe Cincotta.

Profaxil-18™ helps to break down oils into micro-particles, enabling them to moisturize, strengthen and defrizz curly strands in a way that was never possible until now.

  1. By reducing the size of rich oil particles, instead of sitting on hair’s surface in “greasy” pools, these oils are micro-dispersed throughout the strands and can penetrate and infuse curls with hydrating, lubricating moisture.
  2. The MEA-18 component of this complex creates a glossy, weightless seal on the surface of the strands that locks in moisture, smooths frizz, and feels dry to the touch.

Profaxil-18 Complex™ is a quantum leap in curl styling technology! It delivers everything curls need yet feels like nothing.


Curl Wow Snag-Free 330x330.jpgSNAG-FREE Pre-Shampoo Detangler
  • Adds slip to curls before you shampoo for tangle-free washing and a deeper, fresher clean.
  • Faster, easier, pain-free washdays and fresher shampoo results.
  • No-knots wet-combing for reduced breakage + shedding.
  • Vitamin-rich Pracaxi Oil defrizzes and lubricates curl surface.
  • Coconut Oil helps moisturize to maximize slip and minimize breakage.
How to use
  1. Wet hair thoroughly.
  2. Starting with a coin sized amount of product, rub between hands to emulsify and then use fingers to work product through hair focussing on areas where hair is tangled or matted.
  3. Apply more product as needed, and use fingers to gently loosen clumps and knots until hair can easily be finger-combed or worked through with a wide tooth comb.
  4. Rinse lightly - a flash rinse.
  5. Follow with Curl Wow Hooked Shampoo.
Curl Wow Hooked 330x330.jpgHOOKED 100% Clean Shampoo with Root-Locking Technology
  • Unique, sulfate-free formula leaves NO residues for optimum scalp and hair conditions, and bouncier, weightless curls.
  • Features Color Wow’s proprietary Procapil® blend to help “anchor” strands at the root, preventing excessive shedding or hair loss from styling stressors (braids, weaves, extensions).
  • Leaves curls’ surface film-free and optimally receptive to leave-in hydrators + moisturizing stylers.
How to use
  1. Work Hooked through wet curls, making sure to massage thoroughly into the scalp.
  2. Rinse, repeat.
  3. If there is a lot of build-up on the hair and a rich lather is not achieved, a third shampoo may be needed.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
Curl Wow Coco Motion 330x330.jpgCOCO-MOTION Lubricating Conditioner
  • Weightless conditioner works deep inside hair strands.
  • No heavy, greasy feel because the Profaxil-18 Complex™ breaks up Marula Oil and Coconut Oil particles, enabling them to penetrate hair and lubricate hair’s internal protein chains.
  • Instantly gives dry, dehydrated, brittle, “static” curls fluid motion, silky texture, bounce, and elasticity.
How to use
  1. After shampooing with Curl Wow Hooked Shampoo, squeeze excess moisture out of hair.
  2. Apply Coco-motion generously in sections. More product may be needed if hair is especially thick or coarse.
  3. Work through with fingers or with a wide tooth comb.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.
Curl Wow Flo-Etry 330x330.jpgFLO-ETRY Vital Natural Serum
  • Instantly moisturizes and plumps dehydrated curls (that are inherently dry because natural oils from the scalp can’t easily flow down the bends and twists of curly strands).
  • Profaxil-18 Complex™ breaks up Jojoba, Pequi, and Coconut Oils’ large particles to micro-disperse these rich oils throughout hair strands, from lengths to ends for weightless, non-oily results.
  • Instantly delivers super hydrated, juicy, healthy-looking curls, defrizzed and glossy, never greasy.
How to use
  1. Apply Flo-etry to soaking wet hair, ideally after pre-shampooing, shampooing, and conditioning with other Curl Wow formulas.
  2. Section hair into 1-2 inch sections and apply up to half a pump to each section. Squeeze and press product into the hair.
  3. Finger rake or comb through hair to encourage natural curl patterns.
Curl Wow Shook 330x330.jpgSHOOK Mix + Fix Bundling Spray

Unique ”mix-to-activate” bi-phase formula features one-part powerful, natural hydrating oils + one-part breakthrough curl-bundling polymers for bouncy, defined “naked curl” results.

Profaxil-18 Complex™ breaks up large oil particles (hemi-squalane [a natural alternative to silicone], Jojoba, Rice Bran, Passionflower, and Grape Seed Oils) to micro-disperse rich moisture that smooths and defrizzes curls without weight or greasy feel.

Weightless polymers bundle curls without crunch, weight, or stickiness for full, beautifully defined styles.

How to use
  1. Shake bottle thoroughly to ensure the oils and mixing agents are thoroughly combined.
  2. Spray generously all through hair, concentrating on the front hairline or in areas where clients experience extra frizziness.
  3. Bend client forward to best access underneath layers without breaking curl patterns.
  4. Gently scrunch to push the curls into shape.
  5. Start diffusing with hair upside down using high heat and low speed.
  6. Gently move clients head forward, then side to side, and backwards during diffusing so curls don't flatten and no ridged part is created.
  7. Other than cupping or scrunching curls, avoid touching the hair when wet.

Haircare Group is an official distributor of Color Wow. Shop the Curl Wow range or discover our industry-leading portfolio of salon professional brands, direct to your salon.

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