Lakmé Colour Trends of 2021

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From Lakmé’s leading colour experts, we’re uncovering the top trends for salon hair colour for 2021. With tips and tricks from stylists that have smashed stereotypes and mastered the bold, powerful range of high performance Lakmé hair colours, we’re tapping into the magic behind their expert salon tips.

With its eco-conscious formula, sustainable packaging and vegan production process, sustainability and longevity for the planet’s future is at the centre of Lakmé’s brand ethos. A professional haircare brand that boasts over 300 high quality hair colour products that are used in salons worldwide. Lakmé draws on its Mediterranean values and eclectic mix of Spanish artistic direction to create a portfolio of tools that supports salon professionals and hair stylists in bringing their creations to life.

Giving the Lakmé collection its high performance edge, their bold range of collage permanents, gloss demi-permanents, CHROMA ammonia-free permanents and a k.blonde bleach that respects natural hair fibres are the core hair colour and colour toning products that give Lakmé its reputation of combining innovative technology and the surrounding natural environment.

An already big year in hair colour trends and styles, a biblical proportion of trends for 2021 has started to emerge and Lakmé’s hair colour range is at the forefront.



While icy blondes were all the craze last year, we’re seeing a shift towards warm blondes and golden, honey tones this year. This lived in hair colour that’s lower maintenance is synonymous with the girl next door and endless summer vibes with beautiful, balayage  sunkissed hues. Following the direction of high fashion runways, 70s inspired hair colour and style is having a big moment. It’s all about embracing lots of texture, volume, layers and face framing curtain bangs.

Formula: ​​Full head kblond 20vol foils, toned with 20g 11/20 + 8g 10/00 with 10vol


Rich Copper


Copper hair is going to make a strong statement this season. It's the perfect summer trend that enhances all types of skin complexions for a natural glow. Multi-dimensional, bright and glossy coppers that pop from all angles are perfect for summer.

Formula: Roots: Chroma 7/45 7/00 6V and ends: Broken up with powder lightener and 10V, other ends picked up with Chroma 7/44.


Multi Brunettemulti-brunette.jpg

We are loving multi-dimensional brunettes for summer. Being able to see layers of texture through a global colour not only gives the hair colour its depth, but adds subtle highlights at the same time.

Formula: ​Roots: Gloss 20g 4/00 3g blue 2g violet 5g silver- Long lasting emulsion. Ends: Gloss 15g 10/20 5g 7/61 2g pearl- Long lasting emulsion.




There’s a shift towards blonde clients embracing warmth and depth in their hair colour choices this summer, giving salon stylists the ability to deliver a true ‘lived-in blonde’ style. We’ll see less ash blonde tones and more effortless ‘worn in’ textures when applying balayage and lighter highlights. We are really vibing with giving our clients’ natural colours and tones, softly painting on highlights while maintaining hair’s natural shadows and texture.

Colourist Tip: Strategic placement is key. It is still all about that ‘money piece’ this summer.

Formula: ​Full head scattered foils with 20 vol, freehand ends 1/2 20 vol + 1/2 30 vol. Toner roots: collage 5/00+ + 5/06 + silver with purple gloss. Ends: gloss 9/00 + 9/60 + 10/20 with purple gloss. 

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Lived-in pastellived in pastel.jpg

In line with the style direction of the more natural, low maintenance hair colour trends that we’re seeing with blondes and pastels—vivids are moving away from high maintenance, bright tones and toward a much more de-lustred hair style. As we’re seeing more and more experimenting with colours and tones, we’re anticipating seeing less of the bright, block salon colours we’ve seen in the past, and more multi-dimensional, lived-in looks from root fades, to zoned pops of colour—such as face frames.

Formula: Full head foils with k.blonde 20 vol. Toned roots - ends with 10g 10/20, 5g 10/22, 20g 0/00, 2g 0/90 purple developer


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