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With a host of market leading products under its ever-expanding umbrella, the Haircare Group is launching a range of new styling products for salon professionals and their clients that are sure to – as the title suggests – wow your clients with a brand that has launched a global phenomenon.

A complete haircare and styling range from Color Wow that covers gaps in the market for core and style, the Color Wow team are experts in transformative products that are most importantly sulfate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free, continuing Color Wow’s stance that no harmful ingredients ever make it into any of their formulas. “I’ve spoken about the importance of ingredients. A lot of people say to me ‘how do you get that finish?’” Color Wow Global Creative Director Chris Appleton said. “I think I’ve become known for the texture of hair being really smooth and perfect, and for me it’s just about using products that give you that appearance.”

New HAIR STYLING + COLOUR must-haves

STYLE ON STEROIDSCult-Status-Image-1-steroid-0321_478x598.jpg

One of Chris’ must-have hair styling products is the Color Wow Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texturizing Spray, which offers volume and texture, built to deliver an instantly full hair style to anyone with naturally fine hair. Catering to clients with any hair length or texture, this high performing spray creates beautiful, beachy waves and boasts a heat protectant quality that ensures less damage and manageability when heat styling client’s hair.

RAISE THE ROOTCult-Status-Image-2-raise-0321_478x598.jpg

Meet your new salon saviour, the Raise the Root Thicken and Lift Spray! It gives volume for a long-lasting lift that isn’t stiff, sticky or brittle—and it won’t affect your client’s hair colour. Use on damp or dry hair as a styling solution and add much needed lift to clients that have flat-hair concerns.

color control: Color Control Toning + Styling Foam Cult-Status-Image-3-color-control-0321_478x598.jpg

A truly unique innovation from the Color Wow collection is the brand’s Color Control Toning + Styling Foam which in care and colour, neutralises brassy tones while also elevating bounce and style memory. For lighter hair shades ranging from blonde, to white and grey, the product’s Purple variation neutralises yellow tones, in a lightly tinted formula that doesn’t stain. In its bold Blue permutation, the product neutralises orange tones for brunette and dark hair shades. Both products are leave in and easy to apply, with the formulas also helping to renew elasticity and build volume. Significantly, Color Wow offers a hairspray for every style need.

SPEED DRY: CUT DRYING TIME BY 30%Cult-Status-Image-4-speeddry-0321_478x598.jpg

For a speedy blow dry -  Colour Wow’s Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray can cut heat styling and hair drying times by 30%, offering an alcohol-free formula that saves time and protects all hair types against damage. The hydrating formula helps strengthen hair to prevent damage and colour fade for all heat styled hair types.

Pop & Lock: Tame frizzy hairCult-Status-Image-5-poplock-0321_478x598.jpg

Expanding the Color Wow world even further, the Pop & Lock Frizz-Control and Glossing Serum is a must have hair styling ingredient—it smooths, seals, and adds shine. The product works on wet and dry hair to tame frizz and seal split ends, while offering UV and heat protection. Ideal for styling braids and reviving dull, faded hair.

the multi-tasker: the One Minute Transformation creamCult-Status-Image-6-one-minute-0321_478x598.jpg

In the pursuit of fighting hair frizz, Color Wow’s One Minute Transformation: Smooth, Tame & De-Frizz Cream can be used on dry hair to instantly de-frizz or revive second day old style. With Avocado Oil and Omega 3s, this multi-tasking hair cream hydrates and nourishes the hair, creating a silky feel without a greasy look or texture—the ideal antidote to dry hair.

Extra Mist-CalCult-Status-Image-7-extra-0321_478x598.jpg

One of Color Wow’s best selling hair styling product, the Extra Mist-Cal Shine Spray is described as ‘diamonds in a can’. The unique product is a breakthrough formula in lightweight shine spray for hair, delivering gloss and hydration that leaves hair looking and feeling healthy in a formula that’s non-greasy and non-drying. Ideal for all hair types, it won’t flatten or weigh down hair style, it effortlessly adds multi-dimensional radiance and silky shine.

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