Haircare Group Welcomes Philip Kingsley to the Family

Phillip-kingsly_HQ1_1200x560.jpgHaircare Group welcomes Philip Kingsley to the family

Haircare Group welcomes iconic UK brand, Philip Kingsley to the family. Trichological hair care experts, Philip Kingsley have a wealth of experience built over 60 years and dispensed through their world-renowned and exclusive treatment for all hair and scalp concerns. Their hero product, Elasticizer 150ml, is now available for Australian salons.

The Philip Kingsley philosophy is that healthy hair can change your life. They understand that hair is more than just a style: it’s a part of who you are. As their founder Philip always said, “hair is the single most important part of your body affecting your psyche.”

Their cult favourite product, Elasticizer is the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning mask is a must have for everyone wanting shiny, bouncy hair with improved elasticity. Elasticizer is also a winner of over 30 beauty awards, with one product selling every two minutes globally.
Originally created for Audrey Hepburn in 1974 at Philip Kingsley’s London Trichological Clinic, the iconic and award-winning Elasticizer is the world’s first pre-shampoo super conditioning treatment mask, formulated to provide unrivaled elasticity, manageability, and shine for all hair types.82176_PHIL K_Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 150ml_BOX_PRODUCT_FRONT_15.07.2020_.png

Elasticity is what gives hair stretch and strength, so it will break less. Healthy hydrated hair stretches up to a third of its length when wet before breakage occurs. Thus, hair that is dry and brittle is more prone to snapping. It is therefore important to ensure our hair's moisture content is not depleted and Elasticizer works to ensure just that!

Elasticizer gets to work in just 3-minutes, although for best results Philip Kingsley recommends letting it penetrate for a minimum of 20 minutes to 1 hour once or twice a week. Or, for a more intense treatment, you can even sleep in it before shampooing it out and conditioning as normal. With 7 amazing benefits Elasticizer not only adds hydration and reduces breakage but also adds:

  • Bounce
  • Manageability
  • Repairs
  • Strength
  • Shine

New to Haircare Group in both retail and backbar sizing, Elasticizer by Philip Kingsley is the miracle hair treatment that you’ve been looking for!

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