Men’s Hair Trends at Australian Fashion Week​

1200x560-Desktop-Mens Hair Trends Aus Fashion Week.jpgAustralian Fashion Week wrapped up last month and while most were focused on the clothes, we were focused on the hair.

The most prevalent trend spotted among men in the crowd was the bleached blonde hair. We haven’t seen blonde embraced at this level since the slim shady era, except this time it’s more versatile – from full scalp bleaches to blonde tips. Even the low-maintenance blokes can get in on this trend, the grown out blonde look (which can also be achieved with a tip cap application) gives an edge to the usually polished blonde we’re used to seeing.

“For men bleach blonde is the kind of look that means business and keeps on giving when those roots grow out”
Peter Beckett, Creative Director Haircare Group

“I like to look at this trend as a 70’s rock n roll and a 90’s grunge feel.” Peter Beckett

 “There is something about owning your natural texture… Curls are a look that ticks all the boxes.  You can go from super-chilled to a rockabilly style in minutes.”
Peter Beckett

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