What’s in My Kit with Peter Beckett

whats-in-my-kit_desktop-featured-1200x560-1.jpgEvery new year I splash out on a new Product. Whether it’s a new brush, clips, or a swanky new pair of scissors. It’s like that first day at school with new pens and a pencil case.

Even if you’re not up for purchasing anything new, getting those shears sharpened and cleaning your favourite brushes makes a huge difference to your performance at work.

My cheeky easy way to get those combs and brushes clean is to mix:

  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • ¼ cup of white vinegar
  • jug of hot water

Add your tools to the mix and let the magic happen overnight. Rinse them off in the morning and wallah. Sparkling new clean tools.

Keeping scissors sharp and oiled will make such a massive difference for you and your clients.

So, what’s in my kit this year? I’m finding my session kit and salon kit looking more and more the same each year. With clients’ needs and expectations reaching new levels of creativity, I find I need all sorts of fun things in there.

The strangest thing I found in there last year was bondage tape for power ponys, needles and thread for stitching hair and my good old faithful toothbrush for hairline detailing.

My Tool Kit essentials are:

  1. Fusion Typhoon 2200 Watt Dryer
  2. CLOUD NINE Sericite Professional Curling Wand
  3. Fusion SlickTouch Standard Straightening Iron
  4. GMC 6" Togiya Hairdressing Scissor
  5. Gliders Snag Free Elastics
  6. Denman D3 Classic Styler
  7. Framar Sectioning Clips
  8. Evo Tyler Teasing Brush
  9. Goriki 2" Bobby Pins
  10. Masone's Coiled Hair Rings

As for my Holy Grail Products, that give my styles support and structure or whatever the trend may be:

  1. Evo Shag Beach Paste
  2. MOROCCANOIL Smoothing Lotion
  3. Color Wow Xtra Large
  4. Philip Kingsley One More Day

Having all these tools and products in my kit allows me to have endless possibilities to create beautiful wearable hair for my clients. It means I can rest easy knowing my clients look will be secure and last through any occasion. Happy Creating!

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