Winter proof your clients' hair with MOROCCANOIL

Prevent Hydration Hair Woes with Moroccanoil 1200x560.pngAs we all know, the cold winter months can wreak havoc on not only our skin but our hair and scalp too.

Our hair often needs that extra bit of TLC to see it through the cold winter months. We chatted to MOROCCANOIL Ambassador, Richi Grisillo (read more about Richi's story) to find out how you can help your clients prevent dry hair woes this winter with Moroccanoil

What kinds of changes can clients expect to see in their hair and scalp over the cooler winter season?

The one thing I experience with my clients, especially my blondes is they have showers and rinse/wash their hair in hot hot hot water which causes colour fade, dehydration of their pre-lightened hair and also strips natural oils from the scalp and causes premature oily roots where your scalp is producing more oils to soothe a striped back scalp. Always be mindful to rinse your hair in warm to hot water not searing hot to prevent this from happening and use a good quality hydration shampoo and conditioner such as MOROCCANOIL Hydrating Shampoo & MOROCCANOIL Hydrating Conditioner. And if you’re a blonde, MOROCCANOIL Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo & MOROCCANOIL Blonde Perfecting Purple Conditioner’s tone correcting formula will be your best friend at refreshing dull highlights and sealing in shine.

What are your top winter haircare tips?

Less is more, make sure you cut down on hot water on your hair and scalp in the shower. Now is the time to see your hairdresser for a professional targeted treatment in the salon and give the hair a boost of hydration and restore your hair and scalp. Even I am a culprit of hot showers in winter but I always make sure I back up the heat with calming cool water and if my scalp starts to get dry I use MOROCCANOIL’s Dry Scalp Treatment to calm, soothe and rebalance my scalp if it starts to get irritated through the dryer cooler months.

What products do you recommend for nourishing dehydrated hair?

MOROCCANOIL Weightless Hydration Mask is my go to, to help infuse and protect the hair with hydrating lipids, think of it like putting moisturiser on dehydrated/ sensitive skin.

What hair styles, haircuts or hair colour trends are you seeing/being asked for at ACADEMIE Salon this winter? 

We are still having the lust for healthy shiny locks our most requested trend, whether it’s on short hair, shaggy textures or long hair, the key request is to have the best quality hair both visually and condition.


Learn how to perform the ultimate MOROCCANOIL Hydration service on your clients with dry, dehydrated hair concerns and help them inject some lustre back into their hair. Watch MOROCCANOIL Ambassador, Richi Grisillo perform the MOROCCANOIL Hydration service on his client Eileen Cassidy.

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Download or print these materials to equip your staff with the knowledge to perform MOROCCANOIL hydration services in your salon and inform your clients of your offering.

1. Hydration Collection Product Knowledge

Get well versed in MOROCCANOIL’s hydration collection and why these six argan-oil infused products are key to combatting your clients’ dry hair concerns.

2. In-salon Hydration Service step-by-step

Use this step-by-step to perform the MOROCCANOILHydration service on your clients with dry hair concerns.

3. In-salon Consumer Flyer

This MOROCCANOIL Hydration menu is a great way to highlight the collection and how it can benefit your client’s and their at-home haircare routines.

4. Mirror Cling

Remind your clients of the MOROCCANOIL Hydration collection and service offering at the mirror.

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