Party Hairstyles for the Festive Season


As the end of the year approaches, so does the busiest time in all of our calendars.

Coming into Summer, December and January are peak season to dress up and don a fun hairstyle, and our clients are becoming increasingly eager to try something new in order to impress and stand out from the crowd. Haircare Group Creative Director, Peter Beckett has created 3 hair looks to inspire you for when your next client sits in your chair for a party style - whether it be for a Christmas party, festival, wedding or of course New Years Eve. 


Look 1: Party At The Front 

Nothing says party like a bit of sparkle, or in this case a LOT of sparkle. Party season is the perfect time to go a little OTT with your hairstyles by amping up the wow factor and pushing a few boundaries.  

Have some fun with textiles and accessories and incorporate them into your styling. Adding sparkle or metallic elements into your hair styles can instantly elevate a look – you can use thread, ribbon, gold leaf or stick-on jewels.  

Bangs have been big this year, but not every client has wanted to commit to the maintenance. As a fun solution, Pete created these sparkly bangs using metallic fringe that you can find at your local Spotlight.  

While Pete created a textured high bun for this look, this sparkly fringe can be a base for just about any hairstyle. From a long flicked ponytail to voluminous bouncy curls, these faux bangs will give clients a fun new identity for a night, guaranteed to surprise and wow their friends and brighten any room they walk into.  


Get the look: 

1. Prep the hair with Evo Day of Grace and follow with Moroccanoil Root Boost, saturating the roots

2. Brush hair (we love Denman D83) into a slicked, high pony using a silver thread to secure

3. Form a top knot (or leave as a ponytail) and attach silver fringing to the base of the top knot, pulling out some threads to weave through

4.Pull out pieces of the top knot to add texture, securing with bobby pins



Look 2: Y2K Space Buns 

The late ‘90s through to the early 2000s had some of the most iconic fashion and beauty moments that we have seen. From space buns to zigzag parts and butterfly clips, Y2K era is having a moment in the limelight again and this party and festival season is the perfect time to have some fun with these trends again.  

While bringing back some of these hairstyles from our younger years may make some of us cringe, many of the iconic hairstyles are being reinvented with a fresher take. Remember whenever we would wear a bun or ponytail, we would take out two random, thin tendrils of hair from the front of our heads to resemble bangs… For a more modern take, leave out larger chunks of hair and create a soft bend just above the eye to create a softer face frame.  

The ‘90s was also known for its accessories – think claw clips, scrunchies, micro butterfly clips and fuzzy bucket hats – when it comes to accessories in this era, more is more! Pete put his own spin on the micro clips trend with some DIY hair beads to add a pop of colour and playfulness.   

Letting the ends of your hair stick out of your updo to give it that spiky look was such a big trend in the 2000s. You can tone this hairstyle up or down depending on how much hair you want to show from your bun. 


Get the look: 

  1. Prep the hair with Evo Head Mistress in mids and ends
  2. Create a middle part and section a large chunk of hair at the front for the ‘fringe’
  3. Create two pigtails, slicking hair back tightly
  4. Spray Evo Icon Welder on front sections and create a soft wave around the face. Then straighten the remaining section
  5. Follow with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray
  6. Spray Evo Haze through the ponytails for gritty texture and twist them into two buns, leaving out some of the ends and securing with bobby pins. Straighten ends
  7. Pin in string beads to the front sections and pin individual beads into the buns and finish with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

Tip: You can create your own DIY beaded detail by threading beads on a string and attaching them to a bobby pin—thread beads through a thin hairpin for detail in buns. You can also use butterfly clips as an extra Y2K alternative.



Look 3: Pearls & Curls 

Classics never die and nothing beats an elegant half-pony with soft glamorous waves. This style would be perfect for wedding season and can be glammed up or down depending on your client.  

We love the contrast between the slicked hair at the sides and loose soft waves surrounding it. For a touch of glam, add hair jewels or pearls to the slicked areas for the ultimate elevated, glamorous touch. Pete also added a black bow for an extra feminine element. These details can easily be switched out or replaced depending on your client’s style. 


Get the look: 

  1. Section hair by clipping the front fringe forward and tying back the bulk of the hair, leaving out the mid-section
  2. Cocktail Evo Love Touch and Cassius, combining in palm. Brush through the roots of the mid-section of hair, brushing and slicking into a high pony
  3. Apply Color Wow Xtra Large to the roots and mids of the rest of the hair and blow dry
  4. Curl hair using Kaleo Curling Tong
  5. Finish with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray for effortless texture and brush out the curls, teasing the base of the high pony
  6. Using eyelash glue or hair glue, stick individual pearls onto the slicked part of the hair
  7. Tie ribbon around the base of the pony, creating a bow at the front and cut off excess length
  8. Finish with a spray of Evo Miss Malleable for lasting hold


Add these must-have looks to your styling sessions this party season – your clients will love the extra touch and sparkle! 

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