Mens Hair Tends 2022

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As a new year begins, we spoke to Barbiere’s Lead Educator Justin O’Daniel on male hair trends you can expect to see going into 2022.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – mullets are arguably one of the biggest rising trends over the last couple of years and will continue to dominate in 2022 as they weave themselves into mainstream culture.

“The iconic mullet is a hairstyle rocked from the 80’s. The notorious ‘work in the front and party in the back’ style has been worn by many famous figures – David Bowie, George Clooney and Patrick Swayze, to just name a few. The look has made a well-known comeback over recent years, and we expect to see that popularity grow in 2022”. Justin O’Daniel, Lead Educator at The Barbiere Company.

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Made popular originally in the 70’s, this gender-neutral hairstyle is expected to take hold in 2022. The shag hairstyle looks great messy which is perfect for the low maintenance blokes.

“The Shag style is gaining strength with the rise of gender-fluid haircuts. I see shag looks playing a large role in 2022 for both men and women. It is an easy style to maintain at-home and can be styled with a matte paste or workable clay which will allow texture and shape. Think messy with purpose”

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When we say barbering is a craft, we mean it. It takes a steady hand and a creative flair to create custom clipper-cut designs.

“Clipper designs are becoming more of an art form than an add-on. The fade has taken another direction with the addition of patterns and shapes to help enhance and polish a look. Creating the style requires clean lines, so use the right clippers and start small. Practise makes perfection.”

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BOLD COlours

Bold, bright colours will continue to thrive and be embraced by those wanting to make a statement.

“Colour is no longer just for ladies; more men are creating that dapper feel balanced with style through coloured hair. Bold colours are there to enhance the cut, pop the style and give a new fresh feel. This is especially popular with the younger generations who are embracing modern trends – and we love to see it.”  

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