Lakmé Colour 2021 Campaign

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With the dawning of a new year, comes a fresh, contemporary look for Lakmé colour.

Taking inspiration from the brand's Spanish heritage, and its innovative and progressive attitude, comes a series of photographs that epitomize this prominent colour brand, renowned by colourists and stylists alike. 

The result, imagery that showcases the true capabilities and diversity of colour that Lakmé delivers, resonating with both salons and their clients.

Featured colours include Lakmé's take on universally revered shades of bronde, red, brunette, and blonde, as well as the more contemporary pink, copper, and platinum tones. Illustrating that the Lakmé range of colours is a cut above the rest.

Explore Lakmé's flagship colour Collage, demi-permanent hair colour Gloss, ammonia-free permanent colour CHROMA, and the lightening line k.blonde. 


A high-performance full coverage colour that meets the aspirations of the most demanding colourists. OF5 high-performance technology enriches its colour power, intensifies hair fibre care and guarantees impeccable performance and real long-lasting results. Collage increases colour power by bringing together a higher concentration of ingredients that care for the hair fiber whilst providing softness and conditioning to hair.


Lakmé’s demi-permanent hair colour, which when used with Collage is the best approach to refreshing colour on mid-lengths and ends from second applications. It is formulated to help take care of the hair fiber and cuticle and prolong long-lasting colour.


Ammonia-free permanent hair colour, with OF5 technology to achieve excellence in delivering 100% coverage, pure shine, long-lasting colour, optimum comfort with hair and scalp and natural softness. CHROMA provides colourists and stylists with intense, natural, customizable, versatile colours with a wide range of highlights.


Lakmé’s lightening line for the coolest, coldest blondes. It offers a total makeover with spectacular results whilst still respecting and caring for the hair.


  • Applied K.Blonde Powder lightener & 20vol on regrowth using Lakme spatula, separating each section with cotton wool.
  • Global colour - Chroma 15g 0/00 + 15g 10/20 & 60g 6 vol process 10min


  • Lightened panels – 30g K.Blonde cream + 30g 20vol, lifted to a level 7.
  • Gloss 10g 7/30 + 10g 5/30 + 10g 8/34 & 60g 9vol
  • All over colour Chroma 30g 5/61 + 10g 4/00 & 80g 6vol


  • Global colour - Gloss 60g 0/00 + 5g 0/50 & 120g 6Vol
  • Pre-lightened start on a clean level 10


  • Colour Correction
    ​Natural root of a 7/30. Mid Band- Built-up box dye – looked like a 6/50. Ends and face frame - over processed level 10 highlights.
  • Correction – Mid band collage 0/00 and 30vol 20 min, then move into the natural root and ends for 10minutes avoiding over processed areas.
  • Global colour - Virgin application
    Mid-lengths and ends - Chroma 60g 7/44 + 30g 8/34 + 15g 0/30 & 90g 28 vol for 20 minutes.
  • Roots - Chroma 10g 7/30 + 10g 8/34 + 10g 7/44 & 30g 28vol for 20 minutes.


  • Foils full head fine weaves
    K Blonde powder with 20vol + Lowlight every 3rd foil - Chroma 10g 8/32 + 10g 7/60 + 8/64 & 6vol
  • Root stretch - Gloss 10g 5/00 + 10g 10/22 & 40g 6Vol
  • Ends - Gloss 10g 9/00 + 10g 10/20 & 40g 6Vol


  • Free hand Balayage with K.Blonde clay 30 vol alternated with 40 vol throughout the head. Lift to 9 Level.
  • Face Frame – K Blonde clay + 30vol, lift to a 9 level. Gloss 5g 9/00 + 5g 9/13 + 5g 0/00 & 30g 6Vol.
  • Mid-lengths and ends – Gloss 15g 9/30 + 5g 9/13 & 40g 6Vol


  • Thick ribbons/ panels - Collage 10g 8/49 + 5g 8/44 & 22g 10 vol
  • Global colour – Gloss 60g 10/40 +10g 0/40 & 120ml 6 Vol
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