Barber Series: Meet Jaymes Lunn

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Starting his barbering journey 2.5 years ago, Jaymes Lunn kickstarted his career by learning to cut his own hair through watching YouTube videos.

Since then the passionate barber has travelled to London to grow his barbering skills and is now the owner of Young Turks Barber in Perth, WA. To understand how he got to where he is now, we asked Jaymes a few questions about his journey.

Jaymes-Lunn-780x525.jpgWhat drew you to barbering?

The freedom to create a masterpiece from nothing into something. Barbering is an industry where I never feel complacent, you learn something new every day. The moment I pick up my tools I feel so empowered, like I could achieve anything my mind sets out to accomplish. It’s the feeling of satisfaction after putting in the work and seeing your client walk away happy. You 100% have such an impact on people’s lives and all you’re doing is something you love. This alone is the reason I became a barber, I love what I do and I hope that my journey can inspire others to feel the same way.

How and when did your barbering career start?

My barbering journey evolved 2.5 years ago. I learnt how to cut my own hair thanks to YouTube videos, from there it progressed into close friends and family. After realising my love and passion for barbering I decided to create an Instagram account to showcase some of the haircuts I was producing. Through this I was able to partner up with several mentors who have guided me throughout the journey I am currently on. I was fortunate to receive 1 on 1 education from another barber who taught at a Perth barbering school. This consisted of weekly training ongoing for about 6 months. I then took my knowledge and passion to London where I learnt off some elite lecturers – this was such a fun experience and something I’ll never forget.

Where are you at now?

I now have my own studio in Perth WA called ‘Young Turks Barbers’ which I took over a couple months ago. I’m still showcasing my love and passion for barbering on my socials @barberjaymes with the focus to engage with others who feel the same way. I was fortunate to team up with Wahl as a brand ambassador for 2020/2021 which thus far has been an amazing experience. Now, I wish to continue creating good quality work and become a mentor for others in the industry (new or established). I believe it’s crucial to surround yourself with positive people in this industry, for this I’m grateful as it’s helped me get to where I want to be today.

Proudest moment of your career so far?

Taking my knowledge and skills to London so early on in my career. I completely took myself out of my comfort zone and by doing this I was able to engage with such influential people. Personally, London has a special place in my heart and having the opportunity to learn my craft there is by far the greatest achievement to date so far.

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