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Suavecito, widely known as a cultural phenomenon, is a male grooming brand that is showing no signs of slowing down. The product range spans across hair, beard, face, and body, with both retail and professional sizes available. The winning combination of quality, ease of use and scent makes Suavecito products perfect to use in both the barbershop/salon and at home. 

Suavecito has officially joined the Haircare Group family and to celebrate, we spoke with co-founder Pedro Adame on how their homemade pomade turned into a powerhouse brand and cultural phenomenon.

Can you tell us about the history of Suavecito and how it started?

Suavecito was started by me (Pedro Adame), my neighborhood friend (JBird) and my brother (Tony Adame) in the Southern California city of Santa Ana. We never intended it as business, we formulated a pomade that worked for our thick Hispanic hair to wear at local car and music shows while giving friends and barbers free samples of it in Ziploc bags. There was nothing that held our hair in place and smelled so good on the market.

Where did the name Suavecito come from?

We were getting our hair ready for a weekend night out, and an older ‘Chicana’ relative looked at us and asked where we were going out that night looking so ‘Suavecito’. In Mexican culture, that word represents a gentleman that is ‘smooth’ and ‘well-groomed’, so the name stuck.


Suavecito was not born and raised in a lab or at a typical hair convention like most brands on the market today.
“It was made by real people, for a real purpose, in a real environment.”
Suavecito pomade was shared, reviewed, and tested by friends in bands, barbershops, tattoo shops, and at car shows.  Because of this, Suavecito became respected and promoted by those within these communities and it created a strong cult following. Other brands try to manufacture this culture or hire marketing companies to create an image, but the consumer can usually see through this as artificial.

How does Suavecito give back to the community?

We were raised from very humble beginnings in a gang-infested part of California where opportunities were bleak. The odds that an internationally recognized company could grow in these circumstances were extremely low so instead of moving the company out of this environment, we decided to keep Suavecito planted in its roots here. Suavecito has committed itself to sponsoring and donating to programs that help under-privileged youth with mentorships, internships, and scholarships to increase the odds of success within the community that raised them.

What makes Suavecito products unique?

Suavecito products continue to be formulated and tested in real-world environments by the same group of people that started the company. This means that the level of integrity and care that went into the first product that made the company famous is the same today with every new product that is released. We do not rely on a laboratory technician or an ‘expert’ to tell us that a product works.

How would you describe the ‘Signature Suavecito Scent’?

The Classic Suavecito Scent is completely original, an energizing musky blend of spice and zest that awakens senses and one that is versatile for all environments.


Suavecito Firme Hold is the best product to really have in your arsenal because it is the most versatile hair product there is. You can decrease/increase the strength by adding water or applying it to different dryness levels of hair. You can also start experimenting with Suavecito Matte and Clay to start tweaking different hair styles depending on your mood.


People that are in professional setting love using Suavecito. The Original Suavecito Fragrance can at times seem very high-end and work well in professional settings but still feel rugged and manly enough to wear to concert or while you are getting dirty wrenching on a car.

What excites you about expanding in Australia?

Australia has many similarities to California through our people and culture and Suavecito has the potential to bring those two together in a very exciting way. Finding a partner that understands this relationship is imperative. 

When you think of Suavecito, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?


As demand increased, the Suavecito range expanded to include more grooming products such as beard oils, grooming sprays and shaving creams to combs and professional grade barbering products. Skyrocketing the brand to where it is today. 

A company devoted to the culture and its supporters. A company not devoted to itself. No ego. This is Suavecito.

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