What is the OLAPLEX N°.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum

1200x560px_OlaplexNo9_Desktop Featured Image.jpgOLAPLEX N°.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum is the anti-damage hair shield we’ve all been waiting for.

OLAPLEX has changed the haircare industry forever with a first-of-its-kind, patented technology that allows hair colourists and stylists to stretch their creativity and perform more challenging services successfully, while clients can improve their hair health from home. With a professional and at-home system to treat, maintain and protect all hair types. It was only a matter of time for this weightless, leave-in antioxidant serum to be added to the OLAPLEX family.

With OLAPLEX N°.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum your client’s hair will be shielded from pollution for 48 hours. Common pollutants can penetrate the hair cuticle causing free radical damage which leads to tangles, static, dryness, breakage, and poor style retention. This game-changing product pairs OLAPLEX’s Bond Building Technology™ with potent, antioxidant-rich Red Algae Extract that acts as a shield from pollution and free radicals before they damage hair.

The silicone-free serum will also give you peace of mind when it comes to styling by providing heat protection up to 232°c plus visible benefits which your clients will love including:

  • Satin shine
  • Style memory
  • Bounce-back curls
  • Anti-tangle
  • Anti-static


OLAPLEX categorises their products into three main categories: treat, maintain, and protect. N°.9 joins the protect category accompanying the N°.6 Bond Smoother and N°.7 Bonding Oil.  Best used as the first step in your styling routine.

What is Red Algae Extract?

Red Algae Extract bonds to hair like an invisible shield to block pollutants, nourish hair, and deliver potent antioxidants to the cuticle that neutralize free radicals before they cause damage.

Pollutants create free radicals that destroy hair bonds and proteins causing tangles, split ends, breakage, and hair that’s hard to style.


  1. Apply a small amount of OLAPLEX  N°.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum to damp towel-dried hair working upward from ends to roots. Use more as needed for longer, thicker hair.
  2. Use alone or follow with  N°.6 Bond Smoother for frizz control and/or
  3. N°.7 Bonding Oil for brilliant shine.
  4. Style as usual.

Top Tip: Air-dry for a soft texture. Blow-dry for a smooth finish. Diffuse for waves or curls.

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