Introducing Olaplex's new LASHBOND™ Building Serum


the New OLAPLEX LASHBOND™ Building Serum is here!

OLAPLEX revolutionised the haircare industry when they launched their award-winning bond building products. Now, OLAPLEX have taken their proven science to deliver a new, breakthrough innovation for lashes – introducing LASHBOND™ Building Serum! It’s lash science from the hair experts.

LASHBOND™ Building Serum is formulated with proprietary OLAPLEX Peptide Complex Technology™ making it unlike anything on the market. The proprietary technology stimulates the growth phase of the lash life cycle for healthy, longer-looking lashes.

Specifically formulated to address the top 5 lash concerns, professionals can confidently recommend LASHBOND to clients who have concerns with:

  • Lash length
  • Volume and density
  • Loss and shedding
  • Dry lashes
  • Irritation - LASHBOND is ophthalmologist tested and does not contain controversial ingredients such as prostaglandins which has been found to have unwanted effects on the eyes


With LASHBOND, a twice-daily (AM and PM) swipe to the skin along the upper lash line will result in:

  • Within two weeks: more conditioned, healthier looking lashes
  • Within four weeks: longer, fuller-looking lashes*


LASHBOND can be used by clients who have:

  • Lash lifts
  • Lash extensions
  • False lashes
  • Contact lenses

How to use Olaplex lashbond

  1. Use twice daily, AM and PM, on clean dry skin
  2. Dip the brush 1x and apply to the skin along the upper lash line of both eyes
  3. Let dry for 90 seconds. Don’t wash off


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Your clients will see and feel the first hand results of LASHBOND™ Building Serum. Simple steps to follow during their morning and night routine with an easy end of service add on, your clients will look and feel their best post service and beyond.

*In a 12-week clinical trial of 33 people using LASHBOND™ Building Serum, participants reported the following after four weeks:

  • 94% experienced more voluminous looking lashes
  • 97% reported improvement in the appearance of denser lashes
  • 97% reported improvement in the appearance of longer lashes
  • 100% reported improvement in the appearance of thicker lashes
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