Behind The Scenes: Discover the Evo Products We Used to Create Runway Hair


This month the evo team headed to Sydney to work behind the scenes on bringing the hair of Youkhana’s “One-Of” Couture Collection and ALÉMAIS Resort 2024 to life.

Read on to learn more about the hero evo products used in creating the bespoke runway looks.


Australian fashion house ALÉMAIS made the runway debut of its highly-anticipated Resort ‘24, KABOOM. The collection – a celebration of dreams and moving from dark to light – explored the space between our reality and our future and featured 69 looks in a return to our true selves and the interconnectedness of all life.

evo was the official hair partner for the iconic show, crafting hair looks that perfectly complemented the ALÉMAIS resort ‘24 collection, representing all Australian women and the brand’s commitment to innovation, diversity, and sustainability.

Leaning into modern, Bowie-inspired looks for the show, evo hair’s professional styling range of products helped create contemporary styles.

Image Credit : Lucas Dawson

“Working with the beautiful evo hair care range enabled me to create these dynamic, Bowie-inspired, yet modern and contemporary looks for ALÉMAIS’ opening show,” says Hair Director, Paloma Garcia.

“We had two main looks for the show, however we created individual personalisation for each model, playing to their natural hair texture and look.”

The hero products used to execute the ALÉMAIS hair looks included:

Youkhana “One-Of" Couture Collection

Sydney-based fashion label Youkhana took to the runway in their debut show with a portfolio of meticulously handmade garments created by the Sydney/Gadigal-based designer, Nathaniel Youkhana.

Titled ‘One-Of’ Couture Collection 2023, Youkhana’s debut runway collection represents Nathaniel’s personal journey and pays tribute to his years' experience as a hairdresser with intricate woven designs reflective of hair techniques. Complimenting the Youkhana Couture Collection were bespoke hair creations for all models from trusted Australian haircare brand evo.

Image Credit : Lexi Lephor

Creative Director for evo, Nicole Kae, led the hair direction backstage and said the two brands’ shared synergy made the perfect partnership to celebrate Youkhana’s inclusive collection.

“Youkhana’s garments are exceptional, with so many intricacies and a whole lot of braiding and plaiting techniques - a hairdresser’s eye candy! It was all about the individual and escaping reality for a moment” said Kae. "I wanted to mimic the braiding in the garments, but have it unravelled so you get a cool ‘just been plaited’ vibe. Each model had curvature details and edging on their hairlines and it was important that each was slightly different, because people aren’t the same and it was more about suitability. Think cousins not siblings."

The hero products used to execute the Youkhana hair looks included:

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