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Meet Moroccanoil Global Color Ambassador Gareth Williams. Here we speak to him about his colour journey with Moroccaoil and why the Future is Colorful...

How long have you been a Moroccanoil Global Color Ambassador?Article Image 580 x 385.jpg

My journey with Moroccanoil began in the summer of 2021. Alan Cane, the Senior Director of International Education, contacted me because he was impressed by my work on socials. I was instantly intrigued by the colour range and began using the hair colour right away— (which is incredible). I officially announced the role in January 2022, and since then I’ve been busy working with teams around Europe and the US, creating gorgeous colour with clever placement. 

For colour tips, salon BTS and more, check out @garethwilliamshair.

Tell us about the concept of Moroccanoil Professional Hair colour?  

Moroccanoil’s proprietary technology—the ProArginine + ArganID™ System—truly helps to maintain hair’s integrity with its restorative and nourishing benefits. Pro Arginine is a type of amino acid that is naturally found throughout the existing structure of the hair fiber. In its original state, it is highly alkaline. When it’s used at higher, active levels, its benefits are intensified, and it becomes a powerful, good-for-you alkalizing agent that supports the hair colour chemistry. 

Through extensive testing, we have proven that ProArginine has equivalent functionality compared to traditional alkalizing agents, effectively raising hair’s pH. It swells the cuticle at just the right amount, interacting more seamlessly with the hair and therefore minimising damage, which results in lower impact on the hair’s surface. And, here is the special part that makes ProArginine truly a standout. As an amino acid that is naturally found in the hair, it has the ability patch up the damaged areas of the cuticle, restoring its integrity. 

The next part of our system features our iconic ArganID™. This is the same technology that is infused in all Moroccanoil colour care products. It penetrates the hair and has the ability to go deep into the cortex, infusing it with all of its wonderful antioxidant and moisturising properties, creating a moisture balance throughout. 

Why launch a colour range?  

Moroccanoil has always been about creating healthy, beautiful hair, the kind of hair that bounces and feels full of life. We had considered launching professional hair colour for quite some time, but it wasn’t until we got the technology just right, and the importance of care for the hair that we could launch it. Now that we have, we are so excited to share it with the world. 

Can you tell us about the different ranges in the Moroccanoil Professional Hair colour Collection?

Moroccanoil has a complete portfolio of Argan oil-infused hair colour products: the Color Rhapsody Permanent and Color Calypso Demi-Permanent ranges, which deliver really stunning tonal effects to the hair while also giving you predictable results, leaving the hair soft and full of shine. In addition, we have two amazing Blonde Voyage Lighteners - a traditional powder that provides up to 9 levels of lift, and a clay lightener for freehand techniques that provides up to 8 levels of lift. The Blonde Voyage Lighteners do not compromise the quality and integrity of the hair, but giving you a strong lift with lovely, clean results. 

What makes Moroccanoil Professional Hair colour different from other colour ranges on the market?

Besides our proprietary technology - ProArginine+ ArganID™ System, what makes the range different is the colour portfolio. The Moroccanoil Professional Hair colour collection was developed with today’s colourists and clients with all hair textures in mind. The results are true to tone, rich colour with long-lasting, high shine.

What is the Moroccanoil Color Destination App?Article Image 580 x 385 - color education app.jpg

The Moroccanoil Color Destination App is an information hub for Moroccanoil Professional Hair colour. It’s where professional colourists can access inspirational and educational videos, plus self-guided learning on colour theory, product application, Moroccanoil’s proprietary technology, and so much more. Professionals can even ask the brand’s Color Experts about absolutely everything related to hair colour! And it's so convenient since it’s available for both iOS and Android on mobile and tablet devices. 

How do you approach Moroccanoil colour education?  Article Image 580 x 385 - color education.jpg

The brand’s approach to hair perfectly aligns with my own beliefs that hair should always look expensive, extremely shiny and authentically healthy. The education should be the same; creating beautiful, simple techniques that will be used in the salon that all clients will love. Moroccanoil does not make the education complicated, it should be easy and quick to learn the colour, so you can start working with it straight away. 

Finish this sentence: A salon that uses Moroccanoil colour… 

Has expensive taste! But seriously, a salon that chooses Moroccanoil Professional Hair colour really understands that the quality of the hair and the colour should feel luxurious. 

What is your favourite Moroccanoil product?  

With the brunette trend growing and growing, I love working with Moroccanoil Color Rhapsody to create a cool canvas when creating multi-dimensional colour. I’ve been working with 6NN/6.000 and 5BG/5.13to create the perfect cool brown formula.! As we have the intensity with the 6NN/6.00, my brunettes are staying cooler for longer, which is great for those brunettes who tend to fade out orangey! 

What are the key colour trends for 2023Article Image 580 x 385- color campaign models.jpg 

2023 looks set to be an exciting year for colour! Our clients are becoming more interested in tonality regardless of their depth and the technique. Blondes are becoming hydrated with a push towards creamy and baby shades that contain more gold pigment than previous shades. Brunettes are opting to enhance their canvas with what I call the cool caramel. It’s ash based but with a touch of gold, a removal from anything brassy. Coppers will have their moment; working on the lighter depths we are also seeing a need to add further yellow pigment into our shades (perfect with our Color Infusion range). It’s this individualising of tone that is making this trend so bespoke! 

And that’s not all, clients are looking to have more visible placement with something more fun. Colour pops or exaggerated tones will be super popular for instance, blondes will enhance their shade with lavender and rose hues, coppers with stronger woven yellow pieces, and darker shades with exaggerated mahogany. My favourite is a blonde with all the honey vibes, just the thing to make hair look edible. 

Get Moroccanoil Color at your fingertips with their mobile app - click HERE to download and make your future colorful with Moroccanoil. 

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