Repair Damaged Hair this Summer With Evo

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don't sweat the small stuff with evo's summer hair helpers

With summer on the horizon and long days of Aussie heat on it's way, it's time to get serious about damaged hair. The best defence is a good offence and no offence, but sun, sand and surf are three of your hair’s worst enemies. So, whether your hair is in need of an SOS from the sun, your favourite heating tools or simply just needs some TLC after winter, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite Evo products to keep your hair healthy when the heat is on.

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Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo

After a long day in the sun, wash your hair with Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo. This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleans, locks in colour vibrancy and reduces fading.  It will also strengthen the hair which minimises breakage, whilst improving combability and manageability.

To use, simply wet hair, lather it on and rinse. It’s as easy as that!

Ritual Salvation Repairing Conditioner

All good shampoo needs a good conditioner (they’re like the Gidget and Moondoggie of hair!) and the Ritual Salvation Repairing Conditioner locks in all of the goodness from your shampoo.  It also strengthens, repairs and softens your hair, improving shine and manageability.

To use, simply apply to freshly shampooed hair, leave for 2 minutes, then rinse to reveal soft, shiny and manageable hair.

Icon Welder Heat Protection spray

We all know to use a Heat Protectant spray when using hot tools, but the Evo Icon Welder Heat Protection Spray also protects against UV damage – think of it like sunglasses for your hair.  This beauty will also smooth and detangle the hair, adding shape and memory and providing volume and hold.

To use, simply spray onto sections of dry hair and brush in prior to hot tool use, for soft, shiny and protected hair with style support.

Mane Attention Protein Mask

Just like a protein shake gives your body a shot of nutrients, a protein mask for your hair does the same.  In just 5 minutes, Mane Attention Protein Mask reduces frizz and adds softness and shine, helping to make your hair stronger and more manageable.

To use, use at least weekly after shampooing and prior to conditioning.

Head Mistress Cuticle Sealer

Protecting your hair in summer, Head Mistress seals the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and humidity – so use it all year round to protect from the harsh chill of winter, too.

A multi-purpose cream for all hair types, Head Mistress Cuticle Sealer will help with increased slip, improved conditioning and styling whilst also offering reduced frizz and protection against heat and UV.

To use, apply liberally through damp mid-lengths and ends, then style as desired.  If you’re looking for separation, apply a small amount of Head Mistress to dry mid-lengths and ends to finish.

This summer, give your hair the best defence against the sun, sand and surf with Evo. Use them together or separately, they work to reverse damage so you can enjoy your summer, with enviable, healthy hair.

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