Evo At-home Hair Colour Maintenance


evo-at-home-hair-colour-maintenance_featured-image-0221_1200x560.jpgAt Home Hair Colour Maintenance without the consequences

Things are uncertain right now… but one thing's for sure, your clients are looking for hair colour maintenance at home. Stop them from reaching for the box-dye and give them a hairdresser approved solution. Enter, Evo!



​If your clients hair is looking as dull as dishwater and in desperate need of an instant colour boost, they need Fabuloso. This 3-minute treatment can be taken from straight from shelf to shower for both new and existing clients. It’s quick, it’s easy and will leave colour refreshed, toned, revived and with epic shine. ​

Available in; platinum, light beige, caramel, copper, purple red, mahogany, chestnut and cool brown it keeps these 8 shades, and the shades in-between intense. 


Fab Pro

If you know your client's full dating history… and hair history to match, offer them the ultimate in bespoke colour maintenance with fab pro. The fab pro system allows you to perfectly match and maintain your clients colour with a customised colour maintenance conditioner. This personalised, at-home solution will keep that colour work you spent hours creating looking fresh until your client is back where they belong (in your chair). Find out more tips and tricks to get the best out of Fab Pro... even at a distance.



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