Barber Series: Meet Celine

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Being a female in a male-dominated industry can be a challenge, but Celine has taken it in her stride and is more determined than ever to make her mark in the world of barbering.

Inspired by family and full of ambition, Celine has successfully opened her own barbershop in Adelaide’s western suburbs named Chop Chopp’s Barbershop – coming a long way from claiming she never wanted to work in the hair industry! We spoke to Celine to learn how she got into barbering and to hear her story.

JN2672_in-blog-img_400x400_Meet-the-Barber-Series-fade.jpgHow & when did your barbering career start?

My barbering career started in 2017, I took interest in the industry and was blessed to be able to do a full 9-month course at a barber academy where I was offered a fully qualified position when I graduated. Prior to that I used to cut my cousins hair at home but that was it. My family have history with the industry – my Mum & Uncle were both once in the industry themselves. I guess you could say it was in my blood, but I never thought this is where I would be today. It was also something I needed to do for the future women of the industry, the stigma on a female barber was ridiculous, so it was time to show the world that women can do men’s hair too and maybe even a little better haha. It was hard and I copped a lot for being the only female in my class – in the barbershop many men chose to go to male barbers and not me. So that inspired me to get into the industry even more and change the way people think of women cutting men’s hair.

JN2672_in-blog-img_400x400_Meet-the-Barber-Series-celine.jpgWhat drew you to barbering?

I never ever wanted to do hair, I always said that’s something I never wanted to do, little did I know haha. I suffered severe depression in a moment in my life where I had no hope left in me BUT I loved cutting my cousins hair and realising that side of my creativity. So when I reached out for advice, my Mum and many other family members all agreed that I should have a look into the industry. So that’s what I did and the second I was in the world of Barbering I fell in love!! A whole side of me came out I never knew I had. I cherished every moment that I learnt something new and devoted all my time to the industry. I used to volunteer my time every Saturday and stand in a barber shop where I’d sweep/clean and just watched every experienced barber and what they did, it helped me a lot to jump straight into the career.

JN2672_in-blog-img_400x400_Meet-the-Barber-Series-chop-chop.jpgWhere are you at now?

Now, I currently own my own Barber Shop called Chop Chopp’s with a qualified member in my team. I am an award-winning barber who has travelled all around Australia to compete against some of the most incredible talent out there. I am sitting on a high volume of followers on Instagram where people all around the world look at my work. It’s amazing. I have been on stage at hair shows doing demonstrations for others and NOW I have been blessed and given the opportunity to be an ambassador for Wahl Australia and The Barbiere Company – two dream companies to work with. I am also a recognised FEMALE barber who I hope has now made other females feel safe to jump into the career.

Proudest moment of your career so far?

I think it would have to be the day I opened my shop doors and seeing how proud I made my parents! Especially my Mum!! I worked so hard to get to that point of my career. My dad was the mastermind behind the project and we worked every day and night together to renovate my shop. We built it ourselves, with our own hands. It’s something I will cherish forever. Especially the time with my dad. Being brought up in a single parent home I was determined to work hard for my own money and to try and make something of what we were given – to show my mum that she did her very best with bringing us up. That’s my proudest moment so far.

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