10 Reasons To Be A Hairdresser


Be the hairspiration for the next generation

We think the hair industry is pretty special, and we want to inspire the next generation as to why a career in hairdressing is so much more than just a job. We went behind the scenes with our amazing community and asked them why they love being a hairdresser and we were inundated with responses! From getting to be creative, and the ability to always learn and grow, to making meaningful connections with clients, there are so many reasons to love being a hairdresser. To really get a feel for the hairdressing world, we recommend going behind the scenes at your local salon. Immerse yourself in the back bar, shadow the lead stylist and assist with client needs, the behind the scenes prowess and skill you develop will help you for years to come.  
It was no easy feat, but we’ve compiled all of the responses into 10 reasons to be a hairdresser to inspire the next generation of hair connoisseurs. 

1. The challenge of every client having a different need or hair goal and being the one to fulfil this is so rewarding.
The Hair Boutique

2. Sharing stories and laughter with clients while making their hair look great can turn a bad day into a good day. 
Hayley Mousse & Co

3. The influence you have over your client's personal life through conversation and relationship and how giving them good hair can motivate them. 
Zen Hair

4. Expressing our creativity and creating art every single day.
Cabello by Stephanie Bellairs & Enlightened Hair Artist

5. Meeting amazing people and getting to know their stories and being part of their journeys and watching them grow and flourish – some of my clients have watched me grow from a baby apprentice to now a business owner.  
Blush Hair Society

6. Always learning and improving.
Mish Does Hair

7. Helping people feel beautiful, confident and good about themselves and seeing the look on your client's faces when they love their new hair.  
Bulli Studio & Pretty Painted Manes

8. Working in an environment and industry that is constantly growing and evolving.
Ren Mousse & Co


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9. Being able to provide quality services with passion and connection.  
Integrity Hair 

10. Being able to connect with like-minded hairdressers who we get to work with - we are each other’s hype team and family for life.  
Harley Zen hair 

We’re sure these resonate with you and we know that this list could have been a lot longer, but there really is no profession like hairdressing! Better still, immerse yourself further in the hair industry with our education classes, where you will learn and gain industry knowledge that will help your career.   

Thank you to @rosies_hair_studio for the little reminder above that you are more than 'just a hairdresser'.

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