How to Save your Credit Card

At Haircare Group we ensure that your shopping experience is seamless.

We know how precious your time is which is why we’ve released this new feature, to save you time in your payment process.

Save your credit card for the next order in a few clicks:

1. Next time you're at the checkout, click ‘Save Credit Card’ before you proceed to payment

2. Your saved payment method with your card details will automatically be filled out next time you place an order

3. You can view, add or remove a payment method in your account under ‘Payment methods’ section

Is it safe to save my credit card?

Saving your credit card on the Haircare Group website is safe. Haircare Group doesn’t store your credit card details. Your credit cards details are encrypted via a secured token that masks the details of the card. We’re using Windcave PTY Limited as our payment gateway to facilitate the making of payments through the website.

More information about Windcave payment gateway can be found in our T&Cs.


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