Taking on TikTok



With TikTok taking over as the king of social mediait’s probably a good time to consider getting your salon on the platform. Reach a new demographic of clients and give your current clients a little more content for them to consume to keep them coming back.

One of the greatest parts of TikTok is the ability to find content that’s relevant to you, this is because TikTok knows what you like to see based on how you use the platform. It’s one of the few social media platforms where followers don’t directly determine how many people see your content, which works in your favour!
But TikTok can’t do all the work for you, which is why we’ve broken down some need to know basics when starting out.


TikTok works hard to get your content seen so there’s no need to overdo it on the hashtags but ensuring the ones you are using are always relevant to the content of your videos. Decide if the video you’ve created is for other hairdressers or clients, then think about how that audience would search for content they want to see. We find the hashtag #hairtok to be popular among hair professionals, and #haircareroutine or #haircare to be commonly used among clients and consumers.

Cue the creativitY

TikTok is the space to have fun let your clients see you on a more personal level, after all social media is all about human connection. Show off your salons personalities and let your audience get to know you all, it’s a great way to ease new client nerves when they can get a sense of who you are before coming into a new environment!

Trends are friends

Trends are TikTok’s golden ticket, trending audio, challenges, even dances are the easiest ways to get those views up. Make these trends your own by tailoring them to your clients, it could be relating to those amazing head massages at the basin or the little coffee and snacks they get. You could even use trends to grow your following to other hairdressers with hair-based humour that stylists will want to share.

Get some client-based content

Utilise your clients with bonus content by working with them on their own client point of view videos tailored to attracting new clients. It’s a simple way to showcase what an experience at your salon looks like through your customers eyes.

Tutorials 101

Whatever you’ve got to teach, there’s someone out there who wants to learn. These can be tailored for two audiences, such as how to style a claw clip for your clients or a handy foiling technique for hairdressers. As long as you know what your salon does best, you’ve got the ability to share that knowledge and establish your credibility as a professional hairdresser.

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