Lakmé Formulas for Coral Colours

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perfect your pastels with Lakmé

It's official - the coral hair trend is here to stay. Whether you're taking cues from vibrant, bold tones or rose-inspired, vintage peach shades, there's a shade to suit every skin tone. Below, we've listed out some of our favourite coral-themed Lakmé formulas.

look #1

Gloss Demi-permanent Hair Colour;  20g 9/60 + 1g 7/65 + 5g 0/00 + 5g 10/22
with 62g Gloss Developing Emulsion

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Look #2

Gloss Demi-permanent Hair Colour; 15g 10/40 + 10g 10/22 + 1g 8/34
+ 1g 9/60
with 54g Gloss Developing Emulsion


Look #3

Gloss Demi-permanent Hair Colour; 15g 10/22 + 5g 8/40 + 5g 0/00
with 50g Gloss Developing Emulsion


Look #4

Gloss Demi-permanent Hair Colour; 5g 10/22 + 20g 0/00 + 1g 7/50
with 52g Gloss Developing Emulsion


Toners are for hair lightened to a level 9-10

  1. Rinse lightening product thoroughly.
  2. Gently cleanse with a ph balanced shampoo using flat palm technique to ensure scalp avoids sensitivity.
  3. Rinse and apply light ph conditioner to even the hairs' porosity, no massage.
  4. Rinse thoroughly, gently towel blot thoroughly.
  5. Apply Lakmé care lotion.
  6. Apply a toner such as K.Blonde Pearl Toner, develop toner 5-20 minutes, visually watching the process.
  7. Rinse very thoroughly apply light conditioner for detangling, then style as usual.


We love these Coral looks and can't wait to see how you execute them on your clients - don't forget to use our official hashtags in your social posts so we can see them!

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