Everything Salons Need to Know about Argan Oil

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Unlocking The Power of Argan Oil with Moroccanoil.

As a proven superstar ingredient, there is no denying the power of Argan Oil. Packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants that repairs and revitalises hair, Argan Oil-infused products have been transforming hair for decades.

A large part of the modern Argan Oil story are the pioneers in Argan Oil-infused hair care, Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil’s diverse range of hair care, colour care and styling products have been must-have salon additions since the brand’s launch in 2008. Capturing the essence and power of the natural oil, Moroccanoil helped revolutionise the way we use Argan Oil at home and in our salons.

Here's why we love this ingredient so much, and how to use it in the salon and at home for the best results.

Ingredient Recap: Argan Oil

11.jpgWhat is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is a naturally derived oil from the Argan Tree that’s used mostly for hair and skin care.

What is Argan Oil good for?

Argan Oil moisturises and hydrates hair, promotes healthy hair growth, adds shine, and prevents breakage and dryness.

Where does Argan Oil originate from?

Argan Oil is an ancient liquid that’s naturally extracted from the native Argan Tree. It’s been used as a high-performing beauty oil in hair care and skin care routines for centuries. In recent decades, Argan Oil has become one of the most popular ingredients to use in hair care and styling products globally.

What does Argan Oil do for your hair?

Hydrating from the inside out, Argan Oil penetrates the inner layers of hair to achieve deep-down hair hydration. It also reduces frizz by sealing the cuticle, leaving hair silky smooth. Additionally, it improves scalp health by moisturising the scalp, preventing the overproduction of oils, and promoting healthy hair growth.

Is Argan Oil good for curly hair?

Yes! It’s particularly beneficial for curly hair as its moisturising properties help combat dryness and frizz giving defined and bouncy curls. It also adds shine and protects curly hair from breakage, resulting in manageable curls — but this naturally derived oil provides amazing benefits, no matter your hair type.

Best Moroccanoil Hair Care & Styling Products

For the best Argan Oil hair care experience, here are our favourite hair care, colour care and styling products from Moroccanoil.

Mo Treatment.jpgHair Treatments

The iconic, multitasking Moroccanoil Treatment is the original and best Argan Oil hair treatment (in our humble expert opinion) to smooth frizz, detangle, condition and boost shine by up to 118%. Available in its original formula and in a lighter treatment for finer or light-coloured hair types.

Moroccanoil Shampoo & Conditioner

Adding a boost of nourishment and protection, Argan Oil is the perfect ingredient to add to high-quality moisturising and repairing shampoos and conditioners. Every shampoo and conditioner in the Moroccanoil range is formulated with argan oil, which means there is an option to suit all hair types.

Shop Moroccanoil Shampoos & Conditioners

13.jpgMoroccanoil Color Care

Helping extend the life of colour with its moisturising and hair sealant qualities, Moroccanoil’s Color Care range utilises its innovative ArganID™ to lock in vibrant colour in-between salon appointments.

Shop the Moroccanoil Color Care range

Styling Products

Adding moisturising benefits to styling products, Argan Oil infused styling sprays and protectants can help combat heat damage and dryness while offering customisable, lasting hold that’s touchable and soft.

12.jpgHair Masks & Leave-in Conditioners

Leaning into its treatment roots, masks, leave-in conditioning, and repair treatments are a great way to benefit from the intense hydration qualities of Argan Oil.

At-Home Moroccanoil Routine

The best way to maintain the full benefits of Argan Oil is to encourage clients to use a high-quality Argan Oil-infused shampoo, conditioner, and treatment at home. Here are our favourite Moroccanoil take-home packs:

Rich in nutrients, antioxidants and minerals needed for healthy hair, Argan Oil has become a go-to ingredient for many salons. Incorporating it into your client’s salon and home routine will help protect and hydrate their hair. For all your Argan Oil needs, shop our complete range of Moroccanoil hair products at The Haircare Group now.

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