10 Ways to Master Black Friday: A Guide for Salons & Stylists 

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10 Ways to Master Black Friday: A Guide for Salons & Stylists    

It's official! We love a bargain and it's no surprise that Australians have enthusiastically adopted the American tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making it even bigger than Boxing Day sales. According to research in 2022, Australian shoppers were expected to spend $10.2 billion on Black Friday sales, compared to Boxing Day which was anticipated to draw in 8.9 billion in sales.

Not to be left out, hairdressers and stylists are quickly becoming Black Friday aficionados, putting our own unique stylish spin on the frenzy that is Cyber Weekend.

Getting in on the Action      

The rise of Black Friday on the retail calendar has revolutionised traditional trading creating a literal ‘frenzy’ of traffic to websites and stores. For the hairdressing industry, it's a golden opportunity to boost sales and bookings, increase social media engagement, and website traffic.

When is Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

In 2023, Black Friday is on Friday, 24th of November, with Cyber Monday following close on Monday, 27th of November. However, many businesses are starting their Black Friday offers earlier than the official start date. Some, as soon as the Monday before Black Friday - Monday, 20th of November this year - and calling it Cyber Week!

Get Creative? We’ve Got This      

Renowned for our unique flair and tenacity, the hair care industry excels in marketing our own trade. Given our unique service and retail model, putting that ‘outside the box’ thinking into Black Friday is valuable. Here’s a few ways to get in on the action for salons;

1. Future Appointment Promos     

To encourage repeat bookings in times when trade might be slow, boost service sales by offering future discounts if a client locks-in a time, for e.g., in early January.

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2. Limited-Time Discounts on Retail Salon Products

Utilise your online channels to promote limited-time salon product sales (both online and in-salon). This approach can help sell retail take-home products like shampoo, conditioner, colour care ranges and gift packs.

3. Gift Card Sales     

Offer a small, time-limited discount on gift cards if you have a gift card system in place — this can encourage new clientele and existing client-loyalty.  

4. Tag + Win Competitions   

Send your community some love with a tag-and-win comp for salon products and services. Not only will you gain new following and broaden your social reach, it’s an opportunity to promote new services or highlight products that usually don’t get the spotlight.

5. Online Promotions  

If your salon has an ecommerce presence that sells products and services from a website, create specific Black Friday/Cyber Weekend promotions to boost your sales online.

6. Collaborate with community

Consider pooling ideas and sharing resources with your local community and neighbours by sharing promotions on social media. More than just a one-time partnership, consider nurturing these community relationships to help promote your business at other times of the year. 

7. Leverage social media trends

Make the most of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promo period by using trending/relevant tags like #BlackFridayDeals, #HairSalonSpecials, and #LocalBusinessLove.

8. Use social influencers

Team up with local influencers or prominent social media personalities to promote your Black Friday events. If your website allows, giving your influencers custom discount codes individualises the promotion for your online community even more. 

9. Start stocking up in advance

To pass promotions onto your customers without hurting your bottom line, stock up on your retail stock in advance. Think ahead about the products your clients love, such as shampoos and conditioner packs, at-home colour care, gift packs, styling products, and treatments. 


10. Business bargains for your salon

As we know, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a super busy sale period for most businesses across the globe, so it's a perfect opportunity to purchase big ticket items like dryers and electrical styling tools at a discounted rate.


Key Takeaways:       

1. Embrace creativity. Thinking ‘outside the box’ allows your salon to stand out.

2. Leverage your online platforms and use trending hashtags strategically to create buzz and awareness.

3. Collaborate with influencers to reach a wider audience.

4. Partner within your local community by collaborating and sharing promotions.

5. Stock up on retail products to prepare for the increase in sales traffic.

6. Purchase discounted business expenses such as dryers and electrical.

By implementing these ideas, your salon can not only participate in the Black Friday/Cyber Weekend trading period, but also boost sales, expand your customer base, and create enduring partnerships within your community. 


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