Babyliss ProRose Gold FX Lithi Cord/Cordless Outliner Trimmer

Sku: 78360
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Great for clipper outlining and precise hair trimming, experience 2 hours of cordless run time with BabylissPRO Rose Gold FX Lithium Cord/Cordless Outliner Trimmer.

  • BabylissPRO Rose Gold FX Outliner Trimmer
  • For everyday precise shaping and definition
  • Corded and cordless design
  • 2 hour runtime

A powerful and precise tool for your salon kit, the BabylissPRO Rose Gold FX Lithium Cord/Cordless Outliner Trimmer features nickel titanium coated blades and a 6000 rpm Ferrari engine. Combining speed and precision, this is the ultimate hair trimming experience. 

Babyliss Pro

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