Traditional Barbers with a Modern Twist​

1200x560-Desktop-Traditional Barbers Modern Twist.jpgSuccessful South Australian Barbershop Barber Boys are staying true to their commitment to being traditional barbers with a modern twist by adding colour to their barbershop services.

It has been an exciting time for the Barber Boys who currently operates across 14 locations in Adelaide.

The new venture was celebrated through a colour launch event held by The Barbiere Company at the iconic Pirate Life Brewery in Port Adelaide. The event included live demonstrations undertaken by Barber Boy’s Key Colourists, guided by Barbiere Lead Educator Justin O’Daniel. The barbers were shown how to achieve multiple looks including grey blending, bleached blonde and bright colours for some spice. Achieved with the Lakme k.Blonde and Staino by Evo Fab Pro ranges.

To ensure a smooth transition into colour, The Barbiere Company ran in-depth training sessions with select barbers who were keen to expand their skillset and take the leap into a new world – a world full of colour.

Expanding barbershop services to include colour is giving the men of Australia what they want – a comfortable space where they can get their hair coloured. No longer do they need to miss out on the barbershop experience.

If you would like to introduce colouring services to your barbershop, view our Barbiere Education Courses or get in contact with us as we provide education expertise, business support and premium products – a one stop shop for all your barbering needs.

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