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Lakmé TEKNIA continues to inspire and lead the way in conscious beauty and daily well-being.

Lakmé remains on the path of conscious beauty and is focusing its efforts on broadening its vision towards hair care and beauty. The key: taking care of the scalp as an extension of the skin.

More and more, people are recognising that the well-being of scalp is closely linked to hair beauty and health, and that the scalp should be treated as an extension of the face.


TEKNIA SCALP CARE is an avant-garde line of products designed to treat the root problem in order to protect, soothe, nourish, and rebalance the scalp.

TEKNIA SCALP CARE is formulated with BIOME OLÉOACTIF®, the first post prebiotic complex on the market that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria against pathogenic bacteria.

BIOME OLÉOACTIF® is a complex of postbiotic origin that uses substances produced by the same microorganisms with a prebiotic action; its objective is to nourish healthy bacteria to the detriment of pathogenic ones.

Why is scalp care important?

The scalp is similar to other skin areas on the body, yet has a specific microbiome that makes it a unique ecosystem. When imbalanced, it gives way to scalp dysfunctions. Lifestyle, environment, genetics, and chemical products are unbalancing factors that produce changes in the microbiota, overexposure of the defensive barrier, and the overproduction of oil.

The most well-known scalp dysfunctions such as dandruff, excess oil, and sensitivity have traditionally been treated by eliminating the problem: eliminating dandruff, inflammation and irritation, and oil. However, with the new approach to scalp care by Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE, this imbalance is reversed and the key to resolving the dysfunction lies in achieving balance.

Think of it like skincare – most of us have a tailored skincare regime for your face, why not give the same attention and care to the scalp?

The TEKNIA SCALP CARE line was born out of the philosophy of better understanding the direct relationship between the scalp and hair. According to this philosophy, caring for a healthy scalp promotes resilient, strong, and radiant hair.

The main causes of scalp disorders are related to environmental stress, including:

  • Urban life
  • Pollution
  • UV rays
  • Extreme temperatures such as winter cold, indoor heating and air conditioning.

The Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE range:

In Lakmé laboratories, meticulous research has been carried out to personalise each product line. DETOX, PURE, VITAL, and RELIEF products include application rituals for satisfactory results, carefully selected fragrances that recreate a unique atmosphere and essential oils for a deeper sense of well-being.

The results of each treatment are backed by tests that guarantee their effectiveness.

All products have been dermatologically tested.


Balancing the scalp’s microbiota, combating oily and dry dandruff.

Results from the Detox range: 80% reduction in dandruff.

In the Detox Range:


The PURE line has solutions to cleanse, purify and regulate excess oil.

Results from the Pure Range: 66% reduction in oil.

In the Pure Range:


Stimulating and revitalising solutions to prevent hair loss and restore the vitality of brittle and dull hair.

Results from the Vital Range: 89% reduction in hair loss, 52% increase in capillary density.

In the Vital Range:


Soothing, restorative and moisturising solutions for a sensitive and dry scalp.

Results from the Relief Range: 76% reduction in sensitivity, 76% in immediate calming effect.

In the Relief Range:


The combination of active ingredients inhibits the microorganisms on the scalp that cause flaking. It strengthens the hair’s natural defenses with an extra dose of care.

Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE uses Crinipan® green, which is the first state-of-the art active ingredient that fights dandruff and is produced using a green, solvent free process. 100% green, from natural, organic, and vegan origin and with clinically proven effectiveness.

An effective antimicrobial, it visibly reduces and prevents the formation of dandruff. Softens the scalp and eliminates redness. Provides a long-lasting cleansed feeling.

Natural menthol is a refreshing antiseptic for the scalp that helps reduce irritation.

Perlite, an ingredient that combines the natural hardness of volcanic rock with the softness of spherical particles, regulates cell renewal and reduces dandruff flakes.

The mechanical and natural exfoliation of tamanu nutshell powder purifies and cleanses the skin.

Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE is a product line to balance the scalp’s microbiota and combat oily and dry dandruff.


TEKNIA SCALP CARE is the vegan, natural, and effective at caring for and treating scalp imbalances and is suitable for all hair types.

All of the TEKNIA SCALP CARE products are made with up to 99% ingredients of natural ingredients based on a commitment to create natural, organic, and sustainable formulas with optimal results.

Lakmé know that ingredients, packaging and sustainable practices are so important to you – and to your clients – and work to provide authentic and transparent practices, with a strong focus on sustainability.

So there you have it: Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE is a fusion of experience, innovation, and inspiration: the best care for a healthy scalp and eternally beautiful hair.  Your clients will love this scalp care ritual at the basin, and with a range that gives your clients an easy to use system, they can also use Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE at home, as part of their wellness and selfcare regimes.

Shop the full range of the Lakmé TEKNIA SCALP CARE range at Haircare Group now.

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