How To: Lakmé Teknia Perfect Cleanse Ritual


end result: beautiful smooth hair and shine to last

Learn how to perform the TEKNIA perfect cleanse ritual in 5 simple steps. The perfect service to add to your salon treatment menu. 

TEKNIA is a natural haircare range designed to deliver true beauty rituals and experiences to your clients. Comprising of 9 haircare lines that include shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments, TEKNIA provides effective solutions in caring for all hair types.

Georgia Zacharia, owner of @manesociety_ shows us how to perform this ritual in the salon as a service that can be added to your treatment menu. TEKNIA is available in both backbar as well as retail sizes that allow your clients to achieve and maintain these results at home.

Step-by-step: Teknia Perfect Cleanse Ritual


STEP 1: TEKNIA Perfect Cleanse Shampoo

Wash hair with this micellar shampoo to gently give the hair and scalp a deep wash. Micelles capture residues and impurities without damaging the hair fibers for detoxifying, anti-limescale and natural moisturising.

STEP 2: TEKNIA Deep Care Conditioner

Apply this conditioner from mid-lengths to ends to deeply restore the internal structure of hair damaged by excessive stress or chemical products. It will help to rebuild, give strength and increases resistance to breakage.

STEP 3: TEKNIA Deep Care Treatment

Apply this strengthening treatment all over to nourish, strengthen the internal bonds of the hair fiber and increase resistance. The treatment will form a fine protective layer that strengthens the outside of the hair and give flexibility. Leave on the hair for 5 minutes and then rinse for hydrated, silky, soft and shiny hair.

STEP 4: TEKNIA Body Maker Mist

Spritz this volumising spray from the roots to the ends. The super lightweight formula creates instant, flexible volume with natural hold and softness.

STEP 5: TEKNIA Full Defense Serum

Blow dry hair and follow with a small amount of this protective serum from mid-lengths to ends to repair the hair and defend against atmospheric and domestic pollution and UV rays. Smooths hair fiber, gives intense nutrition and all-day protection with intense shine and silkiness. Finish the style by curling with an iron.

The result? Beautiful smooth hair, free from impurities with hydration, bounce and shine to last.

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