FusionWindsor Pure Boar Bristle Shave Brush

Sku: 03453
Create the perfect shaving lather with the Windsor Pure Boar Bristle Shave Brush A2 from Fusion.

  • Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush 
  • For traditional barbering 

Using traditional pure Boar Bristles, the Windsor A2 Shave Brush whips foam into a luxurious soft cream in no time. With an ergonomic handle, the Windsor Boar Bristle Brush makes a close shave light work, for any barber.


Fusion caters to a wide variety of haircare services. From styling tools, foils, safety equipment and sundries, Fusion has all you need for a busy salon.

  1. Run the brush under warm water to saturate bristles.
  2. Mix shaving cream or soap into a shaving bowl.
  3. Use the brush to work the cream into a lather and apply liberally. 
  4. Shave.
  5. Rinse the brush to clean with warm to hot water.

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