MagicapMagicap Clear with Metal Crochet Hook

Sku: 03544
Reusable and long lasting, use the Magicap with Metal Crochet Hook to highlight hair with ease.

  • Reusable Frosting & Tipping Cap 
  • One size fits all
  • Includes 1 x Metal Crochet Hook

A classic tipping cap that fits all, the Magicap in Clear makes frosting tips and highlighting hair easy. Pack includes Clear Tipping Cap and Metal Crochet Hook.


  1. Part and brush hair before applying the cap.
  2. Place the tipping cap on head.
  3. Pull through hair gently with Metal Crochet Hook.
  4. Apply tint or desired colour.
  5. Wait the appropriate time for the hair colour to set.
  6. Rinse hair with cap still on. 
  7. Remove cap once all colour has washed out. 
  8. Wash, dry and style as required.

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