Meet the H Team

The H Team

Teagan Cousins

Telleish Hair Studio, VIC

Haircare Group Team

Teagan is a highly motivated professional in the hair industry who is constantly striving to elevate her skills to new heights. Her goal is to share the wealth of knowledge and passion she has gained throughout her career with the next generation of hair stylists.

Teagan's talent and dedication to her craft have been recognized on a global level, earning her a place as a finalist in the Best Bob/Lob category at the prestigious One Shot Hair Awards in 2021. She was one of the Top 25 contenders worldwide in this iconic competition. In addition, Teagan has also had the honor of showcasing her skills in French Vogue, where she styled a client's wedding in 2021.


Mr Burrows Hair, NSW

Haircare Group Team

Mr. Burrows Hair is a hair salon that prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through its doors. The team, led by Blake, believes that there are no boundaries when it comes to hair, clients, or stylists. They value inclusivity and creativity, which are central to the company's ethos. Blake applies this same ethos and attitude to education, providing those he educates a unique perspective on creativity, and the industry and how salons can evolve for employee needs of today.

And the ambition doesn't stop there - despite the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, Mr. Burrows Hair opened a second salon. Blake's vision is to open three more salons, while ensuring that the team maintains a healthy work/life balance. The salon's existing locations already support a diverse and inclusive team. They provide an environment where clients feel heard and understood. With Blake at the helm, we can't wait to see what the future holds for Mr. Burrows Hair.

Harley Ralph

Zen Hair, QLD

Haircare Group Team

Harley Ralph has been passionate about creating beautiful hair for over 17 years in the industry. As the Director Stylist and Colorist at ZEN HAIR in Brisbane, she prioritizes building strong client relationships that allow her to curate signature shapes, styles, and colors that are tailored to each individual.

Harley's passion for education is evident in the successful programs she runs within the Zen & Saint & Bridge group, as well as guest spots where she platforms education within the industry. She is excited to take her passion for education to the next level by joining the H Team_2023, where she will work with like-minded creatives and share her expertise.

Harley's dedication to her craft and her commitment to education make her a valuable member of the ZEN HAIR team, and we can't wait to see what she achieves next.

Jorge Komo

Komo Hair, VIC

Moroccanoil Team

Drake said it best: “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”, and from early beginnings in his Mum’s garage to opening a luxurious 26-seated salon, Jorge Komo is not only the mastermind behind KOMO Hair, but an award-winning colourist that creates effortless and free-flowing colours adored by a celebrity clientele and social media followers around the world.   

Driven to succeed, his advice of ‘follow your dreams, stay true to yourself and don’t let anything hold you back’ is supported by 10 years behind the chair.   

Jorge is passionate about all things hair and amongst all of his skills and talent, he’s a phenomenal educator who’s social media game is one of the best in the business.    

Christos Kakoufas

Conk Hair, SA

Haircare Group Team

Christos is not only a fantastic and humble parent to his three kids but also the successful owner of a high-end salon on one of Adelaide's busiest streets. His achievements are a testament to his hard work and dedication to the industry.

As a lifelong learner, Christos is constantly updating his skills and strives to share his knowledge with the next generation of hairdressers. He believes that his profession allows him to communicate with people and make them feel great inside and out, a privilege that he doesn't take for granted.

When he's not busy running his salon, Christos loves to escape off the grid and cook his own food in a Cyprian Bear Grylls way! Despite his high energy and glass-half-full personality, Christos enjoys finding moments of solitude in nature.

Gabby Allsop | evo

Analog Hair, VIC

evo Team

Gabby Allsop is a Manager and Creative Team Member at Parental Advisory Hair who has a deep passion for Evo products and loves to test new products. She is inspired by individualism and has a romantic flair for creating beautiful hair that empowers her clients. Her dream is to build a legacy that inspires people all around the world to feel confident and empowered. Gabby's love of the unusual fuels her creativity and she is committed to building a team that exceeds her own achievements. Her motto is "Girl boss but never gatekeep."

Rachel Hannah

Halo Hair & Beauty, QLD

Moroccanoil Team

Rachel Hannah is a driven and passionate salon owner at Halo Hair & Beauty Salon and an Elevated Educator for Moroccanoil. She recently returned from Dublin after training with The Moroccanoil Global team, and is dedicated to expanding her role in education and sharing her knowledge with others. Rachel has completed the Sharon Blain Styling Academy and enjoys taking her skills on the road, having travelled to Barcelona for a styling class with Peter Beckett and MOROCCANOIL's Antonio Calero. She has also had the honor of assisting in the 2020 and 2022 Eurovision: Australia Decides concerts, where she showcased her skills on a global stage.

Brooke Mann

Hare & Hunter, AUK

Haircare Group Team

Brooke Mann is a renowned bridal stylist and the co-owner of Hare & Hunter, a leading salon in Auckland. Originally from Sydney, Brooke moved to Auckland seven years ago and fell in love with bridal styling. Her signature styles include glamorous waves, big ponytails, and sleek buns that have become a popular choice for brides.

Brooke's passion for education is reflected in her salon's culture. She believes that learning is a continuous process, and therefore, encourages her team to learn something new every week. With her team's skills and expertise, Brooke has built a reputation for providing top-quality services to her clients.

In 2017, Hare and Hunter became the chosen partners for the Wild Hearts Wedding Runway, a prestigious event that showcases the latest wedding trends. Brooke and her team have also collaborated with other creatives in various styled shoots, which has helped them come up with new ideas and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Brooke's dedication to her craft and commitment to education has earned her a loyal clientele, making her one of the most sought-after bridal stylists in Auckland.

Jamie Hottes

Hottes Hair, NSW

Moroccanoil Team

Jamie Hottes is the Owner and Director of Hottes Hair, and is passionate about education and eco-friendly practices. Her team has been working on fine-tuning their business setup this year, and they are committed to becoming a more sustainable salon.

Jamie's career achievements include performing onstage at Hair Expo, creating a salon that caters to like-minded hairstylists, and educating for Haircare Group brands such as MOROCCANOIL and Lakmé. With her experience and expertise, we can't wait to see Hottes Hair's education offerings continue to grow under the H Team.

In a fun fact, Jamie admits to having a habit of laughing at inappropriate times, which she says happens when she feels awkward and doesn't know what else to do!

Adam Hadley Darrie

Archie & Co, SA

Haircare Group Team

Pets, plants and holographic hair colours. These are just a few of the things that spring to mind when we hear the name Adam Hadley Darrie. The salon owner and hair extraordinaire teaches all facets of education, but it’s creative colour that truly has his heart. with an oat iced latte in one hand and a tube of Evo Staino in the other, he’ll teach you the ins and outs of colour and how to use your canvas to work smarter, not harder (we like his style). So, grab your colour brush and let Adam guide you through the ever-changing world of colour. 

Natalia Petracca

Salon Zephyr, NSW

Haircare Group Team

Meet Natalia, new to the H Team for 2024! With her unique approach to hairdressing and styling, she brings a breath of fresh air to the industry. Specialising in low-maintenance, lived-in colour, Natalia is your go-to guru for effortlessly chic looks. 

When it comes to style inspiration, Natalia looks to icons like Zendaya, who is always pushing the boundaries of creativity and elegance.  

Beyond her talents behind the chair, Natalia is an educator, sharing her expertise and passion with others. With an eye for detail, a finger on the pulse of latest trends but a respect to the classics (she’s a denim jeans girl through and through!), Natalia is a trusted mentor for salon professionals of all levels and skillsets.  

Beck Leppard

Beck Leppard Studio, NZ

Haircare Group Team

Her love of sequins is as bold and bright as her personality, but don’t let it fool you – underneath the shimmy and shine, Beck Leppard is a grungy metalhead, who walked down the aisle to heavy metal!   

As owner and director of Beck Leppard Studio, this natural optimist has been hairdressing for 26 years (starting when she was 5 years old, wink wink), is passionate about family, learning, intention, people and – of course – hair.   

When it comes to hair, she’s all about natural movement, beachy, believable colour and most importantly, clients feeling loved and valued.  That’s what makes her a natural educator – she’s owned a salon since her early 20’s and has the business brains (currently learning more about personal finances), the love for people and making them feel joy, combined with incredible skills behind the chair.   

With internationally recognised talent, Beck has been a Co Lab artist for the past 3 years and was a finalist for both Wella YPS and Loreal Colour Trophy, attending the 50th anniversary in London.  Her advice to other salons showcases her passion for education too – keep educated and keep authentic!  She understands that knowing the delicate balance of the latest trends and techniques, plus understanding the rules of hair mean that you can make them your own – and with Beck’s warmth, knowledge and talent, she’s the perfect leader to help you find your own trademark style.   

Monique Calcagno

Mousse and Co Salon, NSW

Haircare Group Team

With 16 years’ experience, two years in the UK and trips to Spain and France under her belt, Monique is the owner of Mousse and Co salon, where she gets to spend time with what she loves most: in her words, “I just bloody love hair and humans!”.   

It’s that passion and drive for constant growth that has made Monique a force in the salon industry. Always striving to be 1% better each day, her salon has now won Hairdresser of the Year multiple times, Business of the Year, Business Person of the Year, Best LUX salon NSW and now has the title of Best Australian Business verification. Eventually, she’d love to expand her salon space, making it a cool, artistic space for creative professionals.   

Monique loves that this industry is unique and wonderful, driven with amazing people – and helping them grow is what makes Monique a standout educator. 

Tom Jarvis

Chilli Couture, WA

Haircare Group Team

As the Art Director and Salon Manager at Chilli Couture, Tom Jarvis thrives on leading a dynamic team and discovering innovative ways to keep everyone motivated. With a passion for curly hair and styles that exude movement, Tom is dedicated to simplifying clients' lives by delivering effortlessly manageable yet incredibly fashionable looks. 

Tom's leadership was evident when he guided the Chilli Couture team through their inaugural photoshoot, culminating in their recognition as 2023 AHFA finalists. Well-versed in the art of capturing the perfect shot and adept at steering a team through novel experiences with a fashion-forward flair, Tom's invaluable advice centres around the philosophy of not overthinking—oftentimes, the simplest solution proves to be the most effective. 

Brooke Wolfe

Paper Rokk Hair, QLD

Haircare Group Team

As the creator and owner of Paper Rokk Hair, Brooke is extremely passionate about educating the younger salon community on why our industry is amazing, building up apprentices for the future. 

Having been in the industry for 21 years and a business owner for 9, she understands how vital culture is to a business – helping her staff and students see how a service-based industry starts in salon: if your staff aren’t happy, your salon reflects that.   

Brooke is driven to foster positive collaboration in the salon community, not just within salons and their teams, but with other salon owners. Having a tribe of peers to support and understand as business owners themselves, to celebrate the highs and support the lows, to bounce ideas and growth plans around with.  

Now with 13 team members of her own and an educator whose skills behind the chair are just as sharp as her management and leadership skills, her advice is to stay current and with the future in mind: be open minded, invest time into staff culture, social media, hair trends and upskilling in techniques – or risk being left behind in this fast-paced industry.   

Cian Christina

Soda the Salon, QLD

Haircare Group Team

Cian Christina, the Director of Soda the Salon in Tweed Heads, boasts a two-decade career in hairdressing.  

Originally from North Queensland, she relocated to the Gold Coast, commencing her journey from a lone wolf, single salon pre-pandemic to presently owning two thriving spaces with a dedicated team.  

Mother to a toddler, she faced the dual challenges of entering motherhood during the pandemic and navigating the potential loss of her first salon. Undeterred and driven, she successfully opened a second salon on Bay Street this year.  

Having visited more than 30 countries, Cian shadowed in salons across the world, including St Petersburg, New Delhi and Tokyo, soaking up new global trends and techniques.    

Soda the Salon, her latest venture, is celebrated for being a high-end, artistic haven, emphasising being 'hair cutters, hair painters & fun havers.'  

Cian, passionate about both teaching and learning, also holds a bachelor's in education, a testament to her dedication and hard work.  

She is committed to breaking stereotypes in the industry, aspiring to elevate hairstylists as intelligent artists and scientists, and actively contributes to shaping a positive salon environment for both clients and employees alike. 

Natalie Jaye

Miss Jaye Salon, VIC

Haircare Group Team

As creative director at Miss Jaye Salon, Natalie Jaye’s superpower is really seeing her clients for who they are and what they wany, instead of looking at just what they’re booked in for.   

She really understands that her clients are looking for guidance and uses her 16 years in the industry to guide and mentor them on their hair journey.  

With a flourishing salon on Chapel Street, Natalie’s dream is to have an agency for weddings and events, and to travel internationally.   

She thrives on education and imparting her skills and knowledge, with a few laughs along the way!  

Matt Tronson

The Factory, VIC

Haircare Group Team

Meet Matt Tronson, the wildly talented Creative Director at The Factory 3013. Passionate about anything transformative, whether it’s a whole new look for a client or a new skill for a team member, Matt is the first to sign up for any new experience.   

Having been in the industry for 16 years and owned a salon for 9, Matt has gone from strength to strength – not just creating incredible looks for clients but understands the impact that leadership and education can have people: “I have grown and nurtured many apprentices and in turn, grown and nurtured myself.”  

It’s that kind of self-understanding, passion and warmth that has also awarded Matt a nomination for AHIA Creative New Talent 2023 and Fame Team finalist 2024.  

Matt’s best piece of advice for other salon professionals?  “If you’re standing still – move.”  

Look for Matt changing the industry for good, inspiring others and one day educating around the world… all with Smithers, the hairless dog along for the ride.

Nicole Hardy

Arcorace, WA

Haircare Group Team

Founder, creative director and visionary force behind the salon Arcorace in Doubleview, Perth, Nicole is known for creating stunning lived-in blondes and brondes, sparkly brunettes and for her bridal and styling finishes.   

Passionate about elevating a client’s personal style with a transformative look, she also understands that a salon appointment should feel luxurious and commits to providing an experience like no other.  

A naturally warm and welcoming educator, Nicole imparts her knowledge honed from her 20 years’ experience and supports salon professionals of all levels, growing their skills and confidence behind the chair to provide the best experience for their clients.