Lakmé STUDIO Creative Blondes

Colour | Advanced September Studio: SA, VIC, NSW, QLD, WA

Fashion is our inspiration, leading us to consistently evolve our skillset and knowledge to meet the everchanging world of fashion. Blonde is often at the forefront of colour adaptation, and this session evokes change to your Blonde portfolio.


The K.Blonde ranges of lighteners combined with the NEW palette of toners deliver high end customised Blondes.
This session shares knowledge on new methods that combine both highlifts and bleach combos to boost your blondes. NEW progressive techniques level up your salons' offering to energise the passionate colourist and drive new business.


  • Combining Highlifts with lightening powders for current blonde shading
  • Convertible lightening placement
  • Explore new fomulas for current colour trends through digital moodboarding.
  • Select correct Lakmé lightening family for optimum results
  • Undertstand your tones to alleviate overtoning
  • Through imaging, discover diversified placements for NEW techniques
  • Demo of new techniques for visual learning.

upcoming dates

Gold Coast QLD: 2nd September 2024

Adelaide SA: 2nd September 2024

Melbourne VIC: 2nd September 2024

Sydney NSW: 2nd September 2024

Perth WA: 2nd September 2024


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