Lakmé The Himbo Blokes Scalp Bleaching Corrective Tones & Vibrant Melts

Barbering/Bleaching March - July Virtual or In-Salon

The Himbo method customises men's global bleaching services.


Offering blondes on the menu is a gateway to increased revenue and optimises staff productivity. Scalp bleaching is simple but requires a learned methodology to ensure your results are flawless, with major consideration to the health and safety of the scalp and hair. Toning choices cement this epic session.


Discover how to adapt your men's menu with on-trend, in-demand lightening services.

  • Gain crucial knowledge to competently deliver this blonde service
  • Develop confidence to follow the Himbo chart
  • Discover and master the knowledge and method behind toning, with a selection of shades from vivids to pastels to clean platinum blondes

If you'd like this course In-Salon please contact our education team

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